Is it good idea to buy HP G series laptops?

I have decided to buy Dell Inspiron laptop last month but I heard that now a days there are lot of complaints are there in that models.
So, I have decided to go for a HP G series laptop which is best suitable for my budget and the configuration is also good. Same configuration of Dell and HP are avaliable in market for more or less same prices.

Can anybody let me know which one is better choice? Buying an Dell Inspiron 14 or HP G series 64 laptop?

Saravanan from Malaysia.
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  1. HP are rubbish DONT GO THERE

    dell are mostly well designed but like all companies from time to time still have bad batches

    issues still going on today.
  2. Not a fan of HP
  3. I have a HP G71 series and it is nothing but trouble and their help desk is worthless including the level 2 techs.
    the always reach the same conclusion- a recovery disc and kit that doesn't solve the problem.
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