Building my own computer

Hi, this place looks like it has some pretty helpful people. :)

I currently have a Dell Dimension XPS T600r (128mb ram, 600mhz p3) and i want to use some parts from that and buy a new mobo, processor, ram, and case. (and cooling stuff)
The parts i want to keep are:
1)DVD Drive
2)Hard Drives
3)graphics/sound cards
4)nic card

I was looking at the Asus A7A266 mobo (found for about $150) any problems with that? i want the Athlon 1.33ghz with it, also for about $150. I was also going to get 256mb Kingston DDR ram ($70).

I want one of the Tornado 1000 cases from has anyone used these? They look really cool but their expensive. i was hoping to keep the price down as much as possible. is there a place where i can either get a cheaper case thats just as good, or get the other parts cheaper?

Another thing i am sort of undecided on is a fan/heatsink. I want one of teh NoiseControl Silverados but i cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know where i could find one, or a better one (and a place to get that one)?

Ive never built a computer before, and im doing it partly for the experience of doing it and partly because my computer is starting to chug along :p

thanks in advance :)
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  1. maybe get the asus A7M266 instead and a new graficcard.
  2. i dont think ill do that because the A7M266 is $40 more than the A7A266 and i want to keep teh price as low as possible. :)
  3. I'd have to go with the other guy, the A7A266 is cheaper than the A7M266 because the A7A comes with the -much- inferior ALi Magik chipset.

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  4. so its worth the extra $40 to get a different chipset?
  5. Instead go with Asus, you can take a look at different mobo such as Gigabyte GA-7DXC (<b><A HREF="" target="_new">$117</A></b>).

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  6. hm... someone told me that Gigabyte's were bad... hm
  7. How about the SiS 735 board? Isn't that supposed to be the best AMD mobo out? Not sure of the price, but I would rather pay a little more for better stability in the SiS.

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  8. ok ill check them out. do you have a link to their site (or a place to buy them)?
  9. The A7A is CHOICE and FAR better than ANYTHING with ANY VIA parts including the A7M which is totally destroyed by it's use of the VIA southbridge. Oh, and for all that stability and compatability improvement you do have to suffer less performance to the tune of about 2-3%! So anyone who calls it gabage because of that 2-3% has crap for brains and doesn't deserve to be giving out advice!
    ONE, exactly ONE guy in here claims there is a DDR compatability problem. He might be right, then again, maybe not. To hedge all bets I would recommend using Crucial ram, simply because that's what Tom used in his test, and it did not have problems.
    Oh, and Tom ripped the board for not having multiplier jumpers. Forget that. Use the bus for overclocking and manually set the multiplier if needed on the CPU itself. Other than that and an early BIOS problem (solved with version 1004), he actually liked the board and it did VERY WELL in his test. Other testers have had lots of good to say for this board. And I have not heard of ANY cards that were not compatable with it. A friend of mine uses one with all his old parts from his PII system, and all the cards worked! And it's been up for over a month overclocked to 1333 from 1000. Try THAT with any board that relies on a VIA component!

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  10. In this case, the difference between the two. Performance + (5%-20%) would warrent the extra money. Don't skimp on the FSB either... 266 all the way.

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  11. I agree, definately do not get the A7A266 as the ali chipset is terrible. Any amd 760 chipset based board is the best choice right now as the sis 735 boards are not available yet. You can get the Epox 8K7A motherboard based on the amd 760 for $120 from and all the reviews I've seen of this board have been very positive. You can also get the MSI K7 Master which, tom loves, based on the amd 760 from the same website for $140. And I agree with the previous post, go with crucial ram its cheap and very reliable.
  12. Ya I have the Tornado 1000 case. It is loud as hell! This case is the best I have seen at cooling. Just thought you might want to know that it is loud, seeing as you were going to get the NoiseControl Silverados. Won't metter what you get the noise from the case will drown out the cpu fan.

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  13. i cant find the noisecontrol anywhere so i was going to find a different one. possibly a CoolerMaster or GlobalWIN. thanks for that newegg site, it has great prices :smile: thanks for the other suggestions, too. it will lower the price by a bit :wink:
  14. Max Power i hope you use your pc for school work

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  15. How's he flamming ? People come here to ask questions, thats what he did. Just becasue he's going AMD, your getting offended, dear god.

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  16. Make sure you dont buy illegal products then your doing dishonest.

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  18. Why don't you just build one from scratch? here goto and choose your hardware and mwave will put it together for youfor like 40 bucks and test the mobo/chip/ram bundle for 9 bucks for you!!!!

    again thats .. the shipping would be insane but the service there is just really good. I never had a problem there and depending where you live tax free.

    I recommend the Abit Kt7a with a duron or athlon. i'm not sure for pentium boards so check out or for the good pentium boards but i know of 2 people that have the kt7a mobo and love it and i myself have the kt7 and it has been a great board. For cases i recommend Enlight cases (3 screws to the whole thing and you don't even need them. it's a 3 peice too.) 62 bucks for: 4 5-1/4 bays and 3 3-1/2 bays (1 hiden) and lots of room and a 300 watt power supply.. 62 bucks is a steal and don't forget the floppy!

    Good luck!
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