3D Monitor LG W2363D NO lightboost + Nvidia 3D vision 2?

Hey guys,

With this monitor because it doesn't have Lightboost is it still worth buying the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses? would they have any advantages/enhances over the first gen?

Or should I just buy the 1st gen glasses?

Much appreciated :)
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  1. The second gen glasses are a bit larger then the first gen glasses an depending on the price that may be worth getting.
  2. When the first came out, the 3D Vision 2 glasses were the same price. They really aren't bigger, at least not compared to the wireless 3D Vision 1 glasses, but they are much more comfortable and lighter. I most definitely would recommend the 3D Vision 2 glasses. The glasses play no part in the lightboost process, that is on the monitor. They work the same, but for comfort value, the 3D Vision 2 glasses are much better.
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