hi all! I just upgraded my cpu to an Athlon 1200, and did it myself. I've installed other parts before, but this was my maiden voyage for the cpu. I'm concerned because, getting the heatsink fan on was extremely diificult. Should you have to really crank it to get the clips seated? I know not to rock it trying to get it on because you can damage the die. So now I'm worried that I might have damaged the chip. Will it just not work if it's damaged, or do you have to take the heatsink fan off to tell? I hope not, cause if it's ok, I hate to go through all that to seat it back on. I used a volcano 2 for my heatsink fan. Scraped off the thermal tape that it comes with and used generic thermal goop. Motherboard monitor shows idle temps of 57-60C! Would I have been better off using the tape? I thought that the tape wasn't very good, so that's why i removed it. Or is it, that for a higher megahertz Athlon, you need a better heatsink fan than the volcano 2? And really how much effort should it take to seat it?
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  1. You may want to make sure the heatsink is seated properly... it can be very difficult at times to put enough pressure on the heatsink to get those clips tight, and those clips should be pretty damn tight. In the past when I've changed heatsinks or helped someone else change a heatsink, I've found it's always been useful to have one person to hold the heatsink down and one to hook the clip - if you're really concerned you could get one of those spacers to prevent the core from being crushed.

    Also, how much thermal goop did you use? It doesn't take much paste to get the job done, and too much can act as insulation. When you looked at the bottom of the heatsink, was it nice and smooth? If not, it may need lapping... when my Monster II came in the mail, I had to lap that sucker but good.

    List your other temperatures too - what are your ambient temps? Is the cpu temperature 57-60 with the side panel on? Might be there isn't enough airflow through the case to get the heat out fast enough. A good way to see if airflow is the problem is by popping off the sidepanel and blowing a fan at the inside - if temperatures come down then you need more fans.
  2. The ambient temp is 27-32C. Guess which is the temp for side panel off? I've ordered a big intake fan, cause the one i've got right now doesn't seem to push much air. I also just ordered some rounded cables to help with air flow. I'm wondering if I used too much paste. I know only a little is need, but I also wanted to make sure I had enough. The bottom of the heatsink looked smooth to me. What do you mean by lapping?
    Do you think the core is ok? When I was trying out some games I gto much better performance than with my 850. Sissoft Sandra showed my speed art 1208, 64 and 64 L1 cache. would it show any different if the die is damaged?

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  3. 57-60c are fairly high temps, its still useable and within AMD's spec. but for yourself you migth not like those high temps. Anotehr thign is your Die/CPU is fine, if your computer is running your Die is fine. If you had damaged/crack the core, you would either have a computer that doesnt post at all, or it'll post and not boot at all.
    You may consider taking off the Volcanoo II, wiping off the thermal goop......smooth down the HSF a bit by wippign it and make sure ALL the residue (sp?) cam off from the thermal bad that was previously there....than apply a THING layer of goop on the CPU die itself, try and spread it evenly.....than, with a Small FLAT HEAD screwdriver, stick the tip of the screwdriver into the little grove on the clip of the Volcanoo II, which makes an effective pry-bar to place the volcanoo II on the Socket properly, thats what the grove is there for :)

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  4. I feel better now. Since I never installed a processor or heatsink fan before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I guess I should clean the thermmal goop from the processor as well before putting more on? Thank you for your reply.
  5. Yeah, you want to clear off the goop from the processor as well. Doesn't sound like you've damaged it, especially if it seems to be running fine.

    Like the other guy said, a screwdriver(with black electrical tape on the head to prevent damage if it slips), is best used when levering down that clip.

    When I said lapping, I mean sanding down the bottom of your heatsink to make sure it's completely flat and doesn't have excessive microgaps where air and paste can accumulate and insulate. The thermal goop is there to fill up these microgaps, true, but it's still better to have as few spaces as possible - it WILL bring your temps down, even if only 2-3 degrees C. Sometimes the heatsink can actually be warped, which would result in incorrect seating on the processor and excessive temps.

    When you take off the heatsink and clean off the surface (no residue whatsoever), if it looks flat and smooth it should be alright. Best case scenario would be a mirror like finish, but it probably won't be like that. If you would like to try lapping the heatsink, there are a number of good tutorials out there that can guide you through it properly.
  6. Whats the best way to clean the processor? I've been searching these board for tips, which included washing under running under water with soap(?) but now I can't remember where those threads were! Are paper towels ok, to wipe the stuff off, or what should I use? I remember reading that alcohol is good to use for cleaning. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Warm water & soap works fine. Be carefull not to bend the pins however (protect them with some foam or something), and also, obviously, let it dry completely before you install it.

    Not too sure whether alcohol works, but it wont harm your cpu. Give it a try if you like, and let us know

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  8. Go for the alcohol - just avoid things like steel wool :redface:

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  9. The thermal compound on the VolcanoII is better than most paste. BUT the VolcanoII performs much better if you buff the scratches out of the bottom with a ScotchBrite pad. And buffing it requires removal of the thermal compound. So I say as long as the stuff is removed, try buffing it, it gave me about a 5C improvement.

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  10. Thanks for the advise. One more thing I'd like to ask. I realize that a lot of people here are professionals with computers. I don't work in the computer field. A lot of people here like to overclock their computers as far as they can, have the lowest cpu temps, the best benchmarks, modifying their cases, adding extra fans, and so on. I just want a system I can count on to work for a couple of years. So if I run the cpu between 50-60C which is well within amd standard from what I understand, is it going to be burnt out in 6 months or a year? Metalrocker posted above that I may not like running my cpu that warm but that it is within amd stadard and should work fine. I just ask because I am a average home user who also likes to fiddle a bit with my computer in my spare time. I just want to be sure that I'm not going to hurt my cpu running it warmer than the proffesionals here.
  11. Anything under 60C is fine for a max temp. To get that, it should be under 50C idle.

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  12. >I realize that a lot of people here are professionals with >computers.

    Maybe.. but I think the vast majority of posters here has an average age of 15, and are hardly professionals. That doesnt matter too much though, since even a 15 yr old hardware freak can give sensible advise from times.

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  13. I'm 18, but than again I don't give stupid re-marks to people. I'm actually here to help and learn more from reading what I don't know already :)

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  14. I am 42, feel like 13 and not a computer professional but a game junky. Better off listening to those 15 year old professionals.
  15. I bet you had a great life tons of fun Noko... Well i'm 25 and Married.

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  16. So than when will you grow up ?

    If your really 25 your damn immature, I'm 18 and at least i know what im talking about and don't flame all over the place.

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  17. in my effort to make totally sure I had my heatsink fan on correctly, I removed it onces again and cleaned everything up. I applied thermal paste and went install the heatsink fan again. The screwdriver slipped from the mounting clip and it looks like it gouged the motherboard. I took of the heatsink fan to check the processor and the die now has a chip off one of the corners. I put everything back together and have played some of my games like unreal, quake3, alice. Played some of my mp3. Checked sissoft sandra. Everything still seems to work ok. am I the luckiest person ever, or have i jusst not seen the results of my damage yet? I'm sick of this! btw I didn't intend to insult anyone here, everyone seems so smart that I assumed your all professional working with computers.
  18. MY GOD...25?? MARRIED??....PLEEEEZE DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!! You simply aren't fit to reporoduce
    if at that age you still behave as you you do.

    I'm not in touch with my feeings, and I like it that way!
  19. Just consider urself Lucky :)
    if it still posted, booted, runs ok and everything, ur worries...just try ur best no to do that gain :)
    next tiem try a smalelr screwdriver that fits in the grove perfectly =)

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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