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I'm looking for a new gaming mouse. I'm currently using the Logitech G500 and although I could go on and on about the little things about the G500 that bother me, the main reason why I'm looking for a new mouse is because I find it becomes uncomfortable for me after long gaming sessions.

One day while randomly going through my closet I found an old basic 3 button optical MS mouse. Immediately I found the basic ambidextrous shape very comfortable (I've medium size hands and palm gripper), so I went and bought the Steelseries Sensei. I like almost everything about the Sensei, but the biggest drawback for me is the lack of buttons. Maybe it's because I came from the G500 or maybe I'm just not used to the Sensei yet, but I find the 2 opposite thumb buttons on the Sensei difficult to press with my ring/pinky finger.

Are there any mice that are similarly shaped like the Sensei, but has more right-hand friendly buttons? I'm looking for a mouse that has 6 or more programmable buttons.
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  1. I'm pretty sure that mouse is designed so that you only use one set of thumb buttons. They put them on each side so that left handed users also have a set of buttons that are useable.

    Do you feel you need more than 2 thumb buttons? If so, you may find yourself stuck with Logitech, or one of the MMO mice that some companies make with 9-12 buttons on the side, which I find hard to use personally.
  2. I thought about those MMO mice, but never really considered them since I don't play MMOs anymore. The only MMO that I play is GW2 and that game doesn't have 30 skill abilities like other MMOs do.

    Honestly, I think I could live with just 2 thumb buttons. My very first 'gaming' mouse was a logitech MX500 and it only had 2 thumb buttons but it served me well through my WoW years. I think I've just been a little spoiled from the G500 and its extra buttons. But comfort is first and foremost in what I'm looking for in a mouse right now. Second would features and senor quality.
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