A VERY sad story...

ok, here is a sad story. it's kinda long, but I presume that lots of ppl here understand pretty good hardware and soft, and I'm really desperate for any advise...

my old system was P3 450 with 256RAM, so about half a year ago I decided that it's time to move forward. Since I could afford it, I went for a high-end system:
I bought it in parts:
-P4 2400 533
-ASUS P4T533
-256MB RIMM 4200 (32 bit, not in pairs)
-a midi tower, /w a 400W PSU

well after I assembled all the parts (and I know how to do it)
I got a shining new system with one drawback - an old Radeon 7200.

And then the trouble began.
First the mobo died. Total death - I assume that the BIOS was somehow completely erased. So I replaced the mobo, it was still on warranty.
When I got it back, and stuck all the parts back, BSOD's started to appear... and appear... and appear. with an error code 0x1000007f. After doing some research all over the web, the most probable cause seemed to be the RAM. So I benchmarked it using an app called
"MemTest-86 v3.0" and it showed errors... and more errors... So the most logical thing to do was to replace the RIMM module. And I did.
It didn't help.

1. I don't remember if the problem was there when I first assembled the system, but I think it was, and I just didn't pay enough attention.
2.The 0x1000007f stop is not the only one I'm getting. There are more stops, and as far as I could track using MS Support Tools - they lead to the R7200.
3.Today I've ordered a new ATi R9500 Pro 128MB and another 250MB RIMM 4200. My plan is to first replace the Video card, and see if the system still lags. If it does, I'll play with the RIMM configurations..
if this doesn't work, I really don't know what to do.

Actually I already don't know what to do. I don't remember how many times I reinstalled windows (Win2k and XP, in turns...) and sometimes the BSOD appeared when I was installing windows. Actually, when I think of it, It began the moment I got the new parts...
So it's much possible that the problem is with my old parts, the R7200 for example. But in this case, why does the benchmark finds errors in the RAM?..
Can it be that something in my system causing the RIMM bad blocks, phisically damaging them?..

4.Just for reference, the rest of the hardware is:
-OS Windows XP Pro with ALL the updates and SP's
-10GB Quantum HDD, Primary IDE, Master
-Toshiba DVD-ROM, Secondary IDE, Master
-8.4GB IBM HDD, on Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Adapter
-Yamaha CDRW, on Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Adapter
-60GB Quantum HDD, on the on-board Promise RAID controller.
-10/100 IBM Ethernet NIC
-10/100 Realtek Ethernet NIC
-ATi Radeon 7200, 64MB DDR (AGP)
-C-Media on-board sound device.

I know that's allot of hardware stuck up in one case, and I'm willing to remove some of it. and I tried, I installed windows on a system with a Video card ONLY.
Didn't help...

I Would really appreciate any suggestions you may have
Thanks in advance, and sorry for bothering you to read all this...

"Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?"
Miss Mia Wallace.
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  1. stop posting in more than one section

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  2. sorry...
    but I'm really about to shoot myself :(((

    "Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?"
    Miss Mia Wallace.
  3. I have a test system with the same CPU and mobo as yours:
    P4 2400 533
    ASUS P4T533
    My memory sticks are a pair of INTEL ceritified Sumsang PC1066(2x256M). I am using ATI 9700 AIW with it. It often rebooted with 10-15 minutes of video encoding/3d tests. I first tried to lower its FSB from 133Mhz to 100Mhz. It became rock stable. But I didn't want it to run it as 1800, so I restored it's FSB, but lowered memory clock to 3/4 of FSB. Now it has been running fine for over a week.

    BTW, what kind of memeory are you using?
  4. I'm using Samsung RIMM 4200...
    and I really don't know what's wrong. It's not the PSU as I suspected, cos today I took another PSU from a friend, and the results were the same.
    I guess I'll wait for another 256MB Corsair module I ordered, and see...

    "Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?"
    Miss Mia Wallace.
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