Samsung S22B300H monitor not working in full screen mode.

Ive just bought a Samsung S22B300H monitor from amazon, i have downloaded the latest drivers from the driver cd and then from the website (both drivers were the same).

i have encountered a problem with the monitor not displaying the full image of what ever is on screen at the time in full screen mode. the monitor simply only uses the middle of the screen, an area about the size of an average bezel is not being displayed from each of the four edges. (take a moment to picture this in your head if you understand what i am trying to say)

if however, i change the screen resoloution from 1920x1080 to 1600x900 then it dows display in full screen. This is really confusing me.

can someone please help me to get my monitor in full screen at its maximum resoloution.

my previous monitor is still being used as a secondary monitor right next to this one. it is the Acer al1716 which is a 4:3 monitor capable of a maximum resolution of 1280x1024

And my graphics card is the radeon 7850.

if anyone can help then please do :)
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  1. At 1920x1080 does your desktop fill the screen? If so, then you have an issue with the video player you are using or your game.
  2. no it does not fill the screen =[
  3. however at 1600x900 it does fill the screen

    the desktop, start menu, time, taskbar at 1080p does not strech all the way across only about 90%
  4. Then you either have an issue with your video card (perhaps because of the second monitor), or you need to manually adjust the screen size using the monitor controls.
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