Difference between these two keyboards?

I'm planning to get a new Razer gaming keyboard soon, and I've decided on the Blackwidow.

I'm stuck though on either the Blackwidow 2013 or Blackwidow Ultimate 2013.

There's a $40 difference between the two, and I'm not sure what that's for.
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    I'm sure it's for some added features.
    I would like to caution you how eber on Razer keyboards. They look really nice and have some great features an they have nice lighted keys. They are however hard to clean and there is a coating on the keys that give them a soft feel but I t5hink it's this coating that's the problem.
    If they would do away with this coating I would go back to Razer keyboards. I don't know what the purpose is of this coating but it really interfers with cleaning and it can easily wear off.
  2. Thank you for that.
    I've also read somewhere that Razer products tend to break a lot, but I don't know - I've owned one of their mouses before and it worked great for me. :lol:
  3. Razer makes great mice and I have always used them , but when I tried the Razor Lycos keyboard that's where I decided to use a different brand. I din't have any issues with things falling apart and the mice have and are great to use but keep the keyboards.
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  5. My OP wasn't actually answered, but thanks for your insights!
  6. This is the specs for the Black Widow Ultimate.

    Full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force
    Individually backlit keys
    1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
    Programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
    Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key
    Unlimited customizable profiles
    5 additional macro keys
    Gaming optimized key matrix for minimized ghosting
    Multi-Media Controls
    Braided fibre cable
    Audio-Out / Mic-In Jacks
    This is the specs for the Black Widow.

    Full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force
    1000Hz Ultrapolling
    Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
    10 key rollover anti-ghosting
    Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
    Unlimited customizable profiles
    Gaming mode option
    5 additional dedicated macro keys
    Audio-out/mic-in jacks
    USB passthrough
    Braided fiber cable

    To make it even more confusing there appears to be 6 versions of the Black Widow keyboard.

    Black Widow
    Black Widow Ultimate
    Black Widw Tournament Edition
    Black Widow Srealth
    Black Widow Ultimate Stealth
    Black Widow Stealth Tournament Edition

    You'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what the differences are between them.
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