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Hi Guys,

I've tried 3 different keyboards, right now I have the microsoft curve 3000 but late at night when I'm typing my gf (who has a very light sleep) complains that she hears it from the bedroom next door.

Do you have any suggestions for a very quiet/silent keyboards. I don't hit the key frantically or anything but I would need to be able to type without virtually any noise.

I'm thinking the apple keyboard (which I hate) could be one option - perhaps the Razer DeathStalker will do (I'd buy this one to play games too so I'm not gonna spend $80 just for a little more silent keyboard).

Or maybe another way to ask, what would a keyboard need to have to be more quiet than others?

Thank you
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  1. You want to look at what trpe of a key stroke nechanism that the manufacturer uses for the keyboard.
    For $20 I guess you couild look at this one.
  2. I have had the same problem with keyboard, gf wakes up if I play or type when shes asleep.
    The keyboard that I need would have to have the basic atributes of a gaming keyboard and be really quiet as well.
    After lots and lots of searching the internet I'm starting to think that there is no such keyboard.
    I'll be monitoring this thread and I'll post if I find or get something that does the job.
  3. I know this was started a while ago but I had the same problem... and found a solution at a very unexpected place.

    The name of the keyboard is EZ EYES (model# AKB-8861), picked it up at dollarama for $3 (probably just got lucky). Surprisingly quiet, but has none of those fancy volume up/down or internet / email shortcut keys. It does feel a bit flimsy but has survived a few months of warcraft - thought I do try to press lightly since I play late night (and I'm female, if that makes a difference). It has some bad review online here and there, mostly about quality, so just a heads up. I just didn't mind trying it out for that price.

    The keys are somewhat flatter than my previous keyboard(s) and I suspect that is why it's more quiet. Certain keys such as enter and backspace are louder for whatever reasons (***see update***), but the spacebar is just as quiet (atleast on mine). Reading other reviews there are apparently several models available, and mine is AKB-8861.

    I would also like to add that I've bought a silicon keyboard before. While those are truly silent, it's nearly impossible to type on it - You'll have to check every word you type for missing alphabets. That's $10 I'll never get back. Don't buy anything advertised as "quiet" unless there's one available for demo! Just my 2 cents.

    (I've typed this entire reply with hubby napping about 7 feets away in the same room. Doing about 70wpm. Just need a quiet mouse now!)

    UPDATE: to eliminate the noise from shift / enter / space key, carefully pop the key out with a flat object (glasses screwdriver works well) and remove the little metal rod underneath the key. The rod is there to help "balance" the larger keys and is the source of the extra noise. Note that without the rod the key will "teeter" a little, the effect will be very noticeable with the space key. The shift and enter keys do ok without the rod. For the space key - I wrapped the ends of the rod with a tiny piece of napkin and inserted it back into the little slots. The napkin acts as dampers and eliminated the noise. =P
  4. Something you might consider if the sound of a keyboard wakes your GF / Wife / BF / Husband whatever up.... Use a white noise generator in the room with the sleeper. My wife has the same issue when I get insomnia I like to surf, or watch Youtube stuff with headphones on... I use a Microsoft 4000 keyboard now as the ergonomics are more important to me than noise, but it is one of the quietest keyboards I have ever been exposed to aside from the built in Keyboard on an Atari 1200XL which you won't likely be able to find, or use on a PC... But I digress. I simply set the MIT Sound Sleep app on her phone to something soothing, usually rain / storm sounds drowns it out and puts her right to sleep...
  5. Buy a silicone keyboard. Soft buttons super quiet. get one here
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