CPU fan RPM's not detected HELP

I just built a new system from scratch, and for some reason the CPU fan is not being detected. The power supply fan and chassis fan are detected fine. The CPU fan is spinning, so it is getting power. Here are the specs:

Asus CUSL2-C motherboard BIOS 1006
Pentium III 1 GHz retail box heatsink/fan
VisionTek GeForce3
Micron 256MB PC133 CL3
Windows 98SE

As you can see, the fan is the one supplied by Intel in their retail box CPU's. There is only one way to orient the 3 pin connector so I know its not plugged in backwards.

On a related note, are there any 3rd party fans that will snap on to the Intel 1 GHz heatsink that I could try to further diagnose this problem?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. As long as it works, and the processor doesn't overheat or anything, I would say don't worry about it. I have the same board, but I can't remember if it detects the RPMs of the processor fan or not.

    At any rate, some do, some don't, depending on the motherboard and the fan used and where it's plugged in.

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  2. Does the stock HSF actually have a 3rd wire for the 3 posn on the connector? That third wire is for the rpm monitor?

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  3. Yes the stock fan has the third wire, so I was expecting it to work ok.

    The Asus probe S/W says the CPU temp is 41C-43C. Is this ok? Weird thing is when I go into the BIOS the temp starts out much higher and then drops as I watch it. But it still says its higher than the Asus probe says it is.

    I guess the only reason why I wanted the monitor to work was in case the fan fails (stops spinning) at some point I would detect it before I fry anything.
  4. You won't fry anything. The PIII has a thermal diod that shuts the CPU down, reuslting in a system lock and no more heat. If you want to try a different fan on that plug, simply move the CPU fan to a different plug and put another fan on the CPU plug.

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  5. Where is it not detected? In the bios, or in an application?

    My Iwill KK266 is kind of strange in that it doesn't show any fan RPM when I check it in the bios. But lm_sensors (a linux sensor monitoring utility) sees the fan rpm with no problems.

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  6. Its not detected in the BIOS nor in the Asus windows application. Now I suspect a bad sensor signal on the stock Intel fan.
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