120Hz 27" monitor NOT 3D

so then as you can tell the title what i am looking for is not an overly expensive monitor but a good quality one that is 1920x1080 and the fastest response time posible (grey to grey) under 5 ms if posible as this monitor will be used for gaming so thanks and i have around £250 to use so that is my buget
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  1. For starters finding a 120 hz monitoer means your looking at 3D monitors because those are the only ones with that refresh rate.




    If you want to go with a lower refresh rate and get a nice 27" monitor for gaming then it becomes easier to find one.



    I would go with this one.

  2. stanks i went with the one you recomended it seamed lie he best chicead i went with amazon uk and there is £70 off so thanks for your help and hava god new year
  3. This is about the only 27" monitor I know that is 120hz+ without the 3D kit built in.

    It's actually 144hz, which does increase the cost, but it is still less expensive than most the 3D monitors. It does support 3D Vision if you buy the kit separately.
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