1.8 GHz P4 Pricing

1.8 GHz P4 prices at $562?? That is about $240 (or 73%) more than the price of 1.7 GHz P4 (see Pricewatch). You should get much better performance using this $240 to buy more memory (800 MHz RDRAM as low as $130 for 256MB) and a better graphics card as compared to a mere 5.9% increase in clock speed. This kind of pricing is strange. However, my speculation is that Intel does not really care to move 1.8 GHz P4 at this point, but this relatively high price make 1.7 GHz or low P4 appear to be a good bargain. Of course, in reality the price of 1.7 GHz P4 did not drop (yet). A dose of marketing psychology??

**Spin all you want, but we the paying consumers will have the final word**
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  1. Considering what CPU's used to start at, that's cheap. Unfortionately Intel is still way behind the times and they keep releasing processors at insane prices while AMD releases them at $200 something....

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  2. I totally agree and I am not complaining. I certainly have no desire to go back to the days of paying $900 - 1000 just for whatever the latest Intel decided to release.

    **Spin all you want, but we the paying consumers will have the final word**
  3. It's pathetic. Intel is off in the mountains smoking crack while AMD is producing a good product.

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  4. School is cool

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  5. whats wrong with smoking crack?

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  6. But, do you think that your beloved Intel smokes crack ?
    Tom from THG here thinks they do, straight from his latest CPU Guide..

    "I wonder if Intel's wacky P4 television commercial is symbolizing what goes on in the brains of Intel's decision makers. In medical school I learned about the effects of LSD and other hallucinogens, and the blue, white and orange stuff that Intel's puts on our television screen seems to be rather close to the visual experiences you have after heavy consumption of the just mentioned drugs. Let's be honest, what else could possibly explain Intel's recent decision to launch a 'value' Pentium 4 chipset that chains its 'netbursting' super processor to the good old PC133 SDRAM memory? Crack pipe or what?"

    Have anythign to say about that Booso ?

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  7. Dont do drugs and stay in school.

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  8. Yea, good advise. YOU should have used it.

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  9. I gues he does care... he doesn't want the little kids ending up like him....

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  10. LoL
    Sooooo true.. :)

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