Not getting full screen on 32 inch LCD TV while connected to Lenovo U460

I connect my Lenovo U460 laptop to Panasonic Viera 32 inch 720P LCD TV through an HDMI cable. I get usually 2-3 inches of blank (black) space around the actual picture. I cannot use the full screen of my TV. I think my laptop has basic integrated graphic card (Intel HD 3000 Graphics), so nothing fancy there.

Now when I use the red/blue/black cable to connect to the DVD player the picture is full screen. So there is something with the TV/Laptop settings which I cannot figure out.
I have searched the forums extensively and there are some answers which refer to CCC/ screen resolution/ 1080 HD etc. I dont think they pertain to me as my system is pretty basic, hence I am putting the query in.
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  1. You need to have options in the screen settings to make any changes to you screen size. For exzample if you go into personalization and select a desktop picture you have the option to select full screen or stretch to fit. You need those type options in the monitors settings and the lower end the graphics the less options, you would have more options if you had a discrete graphics card in your laptop and not just the intergrated.

    You can try the control panel and select appearence and personilization unless you already have.
  2. I have tried changing those screen settings options (mainly on laptop). But I do not see any effect on the TV screen size, it still gives a picture with black spaces on the side.

    The Tv itself has 4 modes, you can "zoom", "just", "16:9" and I guess one more, but that does not help in utilizing the whole area of the TV screen.
  3. On the tv itself the zoom option doesn't give you full screen ?
  4. Nope.. It increases marginally but still does not utilize the "full screen" of the TV. The 2 to 3 inches of black around the edges is actually obtained while in zoom mode. The full screen mode is even smaller.
  5. It could be possible that what you have for a display is the maximum that your going to get from intergrated gfaphics on a laptop.
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