Looking for good 23-24" LED 1080p for Eyefiniti gaming setup

Hello, I'm a college student planning on building a three monitor Eyefiniti setup. I'm limited with the space I have to work with, so based on some approximations a 24" is the most I can work with. I'm specifically looking for one with a very thin bezel, so I can make the best appearance out of the limited area I have.

I really like the BenQ monitors, I played once on one of my friend's setups with a larger model and I think they are great looking monitors for gaming. so i thought of picking up a few of these


One in HDMI, two in DVI.

On another note, what do you think is the smallest sized desk I could work with for this kind of setup? This is the first time I've built this kind of setup, so I'm not sure what the general guidelines are. I'd hate to buy these monitors finding out that I don't have enough space. I only have a 50 inch corner desk. It would be a huge pain having to go out buy another desk right now, so I really would like to avoid that.
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  1. The monitor looks fine and you may want to think about the ports your planning on using. For some reason the HDMI port has issues when connecting to multiple monitor setups. One monitor want to be connected by display port. You should check out the eyefinity site for more info on that before you commit.
    The desk size can be ok for now if you get the right multiple monitor stand , one that has a center base that sits on the desk , or you can look into wall mount.
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