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I have a very technical question about my acer 5630 i gig dual core

the original factory installed os is xp media center about 4 yrs ago & still has the original recovery image in the hidden partition. so that i can always restore back if i need to.

i have about 1 yr ago installed a genuin retail windows 7 ultimate and activated successfully and have all the updates

i have also got it set up the way i want it and have done a system image after taking off a lot of stuff that acer or microsoft have added into the install

WHAT i would like to find out is :-
is it possible to replace my windows xp recovery image on the hidden drive with my windows 7 ultimate image and get it to recover using acer recovery management/f10

I think im right in saying that the acer recovery management would not reconise the ultimate image if i just simply removed the xp image and replaced it with the ultimate image Wondered if we ( renamed it the same as xp image )

So does anyone know if someone could re write info to get recovery to recover from the ultimate image

Im just being fussy because i know that i can use recovery disk to recover my image i just want to try to put it into the recovery option management because i may want to sell my laptop

many thanks to all who reads this
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  1. Hello maggieglanville;

    Probably not. That F10 recovery option loads up a program that resides IN the recovery partition. If you replaced the data there the F10 option would not work.

    Also I don't know the size of the system image you created but I think it's probably quite a bit larger than that 10GB partition (the usual size) that has the factory restore data.

    Just in case your whole hard disk would fail I'd suggest making an .iso image of that whole recovery partition.
  2. I just checked on a recovery partition (this one would be Win Vista). Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
  3. Hi WR2

    Thankyou for your reply and info

    i have also the original factory restore disks from acer for my 5630 aspire so i am covered there

    also my ultimate image is just over 13 gig but i could cut that down fairly easy maybe to about the 10gig mark if i had to

    but could you not extend the usual 10gig partition size if necessary

    I just had this brain storm that maybe there was a way to get the f10 recovery to use my ultimate image instead of the xp factory image

    If there is no way of doing this at all

    is there a way that i could install a os windows 7 ultimate system that would give me the acer recovery management f10 option
    or is this system outdated by the new f8 repair recovery from image method

    many thanks
  4. Sorry i meant to say would a oem disk installed give me the acer recovery option with f10

    many thanks
  5. Best answer
    I don't believe your OEM disk would not interact nicely with a foreign OS image in the recovery partition.
    The programs 'called' by the recovery disk are not embedded in the .iso image but are executable files on the HDD.
  6. Hi WR2
    many thanks for your imput i guess ill forget about that brain storm then and make do with the windows 7 recovery disk and image that i produced

    Thanks anyway
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