Hidden driver in Windows 7 is Dynamic Volume Manager, its parent is \

I am on my 6th brand new laptop in 3 months. I believe I have a VPN Remote user on it trying to destroy it again.

I checked out my device manager and found a hidden driver called Dynamic Volume Manager (one of many).

In details I saw it's "value" is "HTREE\ROOT\\0, it's parent is "ROOT" one of it's many siblings is "ROOT\6T04MP\0000".

Is this something that will take my computer down?
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  1. Sounds like you need to stop using computers, why would you get 6 new computers? Do you have a router setup? If not, get one. How would anyone get VPN on your computer without you installing something? Ask your ISP to get a new IP for your connection.

    What exactly is the issue aside from this driver you found? Have you bothered to do a web search about what this is?
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