Migrate Windows but exclude certain folders/files?

Hello, I have my current Windows 7 setup on a regular 2TB drive (about 1.4TB of which is used). I would like to move my installation onto my new SSD (only 256GB), and obviously I can't simply clone it. I do NOT want to just install from scratch (I have a bazillion programs installed, it would take forever to do that over)

What I was thinking, was that I could migrate the base system files onto the SSD, and then use symbolic links to point to my bulkier folders (Program Files & Downloads are taking up most of the space, and I don't particularly care if these are at SSD speed) which would be located on the 2TB HDD. Does anyone know of a way to migrate a Windows 7 while excluding certain folders? If I could do that, then after the migration I could just set up symbolic links to point to my main storage drive without having to start from scratch.

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  1. Hope that one helped! :D
  2. That doesn't help, because that's a guide for a normal migration of HDD to SDD. You must not have read my post thoroughly.

    I ended up just installing Windows 7 fresh on my SSD, and manually reinstalling programs as necessary.
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