Dell S2740L extended warranty worth it?

I had only owned two 27" inch monitors, one Viewsonic VA2702W and this one (Dell 2740L). I never experienced any issues with the Viewsonic while I owned it.

My new Dell monitor came with an 1 year warranty as stated on the retail website where I purchased it.

I've read the positive reviews, but I'm still wondering what is the expected reliability of this particular item (if anyone knows) so I can decide if buying a SquareTrade 3-year warranty is worth an extra $24.49?
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  1. I have always viewed those extended warranties as a gimick to add more money to the cost. If i'm tempted to go with the extended warranty it's when I buy a very expensive item and then I feel that it's worth getting extra coverage.
    The one thing your protecting your self from is a defective part that will cause the item to fail and there's no way to know if your going to get a defective part.
    I can't belive that they would make something that would not last for a number of years and that's why I've always turned down the extended warranty except for the mre expensive items.
    You will have to determine what the price of an item is that you want to go with an extended warranty , $100 , $200 , $500 ?
    You also want to see what the coverage is and if there are any disclaimers.
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