CPU Temp of AMD Athlon 900 Mhz?

My CPU temp for my AMD Athlon T-Bird 900 MHz generally runs around 58 - 62 (high load) Degrees C. According to AMD, the Athlon up to 1000 MHz should not exceed 90 degrees C. My system is very stable and I never get any lock-ups/freezes or auto restarts. Is this still a safe CPU temerature Operating range (although maybit a bit higher than desired, but AMD's do run hotter)? Please advise. Thanks in advance. I have a 300 W PS and a Cooler Master HSF (not sure if it is AMD approved, to be honest, or how the thermal gel was applied). I'm thinking of using one of those CPU cooler software programs to lower the temps. Any advice on this?
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  1. Software CPU Cooling generaly degrades performance of your computer. I suggest a new Heatsink and Fan combo with some Arctic Silver II. It wont disapoint.
    Yes, your temps. of 58 - 62 Degrees C is quite high, it is safe in the AMD spec, but your CPU might not last all those years that you would wish it to.

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  2. My TBird 900 idles at 32C, hits 50C when under heavy load for an hour. Temps are reported by Motherboard Monitor. I am using an AVC 112600 HSF (AMD approved, about $9.00).

    Do you have sufficient airflow in your case?

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  3. I thought this might be the place to ask where I might be able to get a good copper heatsink solution, as I have read much about their great cooling abilities. A website would be much appreciated.
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