Very dark screen and keyboard + mouse not working

hi you brilliant people, i've got a problem with my packard bell s netbook, for some reason i've got very dark screen, you can see it if you put a touch up to the screen, then you can see icons etc, if that wasn't bad enough the keyboard and mouse stop working as well, pleasssssssssse help i'm going out of my mind thanx
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  1. Hope for warranty- sounds like a power problem in the system- both the IO and inverter gone out at the same time? could be fuse, most likely a major dealeo.
    PS: I didnt know there was such a thing as Packard Bell anymore- was kind of hoping they were long gone.
  2. thank you, for your help, i poped the keyboard and notest, dry brown dust, on the motherboard by the chip contacts slight white dust, i think it's slight water damage, so i think i need new keyboard? or motherboard any idea? thanx
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