Possible to recover files after format and partition?

I was installing windows 7 on a mac. Complications arose and i just formatted the hard drive and installed windows. I just realized i left a few files on the mac side that I need. I know that you can recover stuff after deleting them as long as you dont overwrite the hard drive, the problem is, i partitioned it for windows. Can i still get those files back even tho i partitioned it?
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  1. Whenever I do those kinds of scans It doesnt detect the other partition. Probably because its an empty volume. However im skeptical about deleting the volume then making it a partition again because it might mess with what was once written on there. When I made these partitions, I used the mac disk utility with the mac boot disc. I created a 70gb for windows and kept the mac one. But when I did this it said it would destroy all data on that drive. (I thought it meant just the partition i was making) anyway. I think its in some form of mac partition state where I cant access it without formatting it into a partition. I tried seeing if the mac disc would install osx on that partition and it said it couldnt either. So should I format it again?
    If I recall correctly this software allows you to search for specific files, which may help,
    but may not work for the Mac files. Hopefully you can enter the exact filenames, worth a try. As for re-establishing partitions I have serious doubts considering the mix of Operating Systems!
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