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I was just wondering what will the successor of the AMD Thunderbird? When will it be released? What specs will it have? Oh, and what clock speed will the thunderbird go up to before it is replaced?
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  1. There are no successors for the Thunderbird, only revisions with new names, kind of like the k6/k62/k6III situation. AMD is out of tricks, time for them to get to work again.

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  2. I think the introduction of the Athlon 4 is significant. With the Athlon 4, AMD expanded into new markets, improved the performance of the core, and incorporated the SSE instruction set. In the future, AMD will be introducing the 64 bit x86 architecture (Hammer).

    Here's an interesting link talking about AMD 760MP chipset, Palomino and Thunderbird, TBird's life expectancy, Socket A longevity, and Hammer processor:

    <A HREF="http://www.cpureview.com/rev_amdmp_a.html" target="_new">AMD "Smart MP" Introduction, Analysis, Review and Q&A</A>
  3. >Socket A longevity

    That's something that AMD is emphasizing in a presentation I saw recently. The fact is that any Intel system you buy now has a a limited upgrade path without a new MB. PIII is pretty much dead, Tulatin uses a new socket, P4 is moving to a new socket, etc.

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  4. Yeah, I agree. I wish motherboards would get a little cheaper, then I wouldn't worry about it as much.
    The thing is, it's not just processors that demand a new MB. Ram, new ATA specifications, etc. There are a lot of things being changed that need new ways to connect to the system, not just the processor.

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  5. When will the Athalon 4's for desktop hit the market?
  6. While what everybody has said here is true, whats more interesting is that we (more or less in terms of home and especially office) users don't need anything faster than is offerred today. Office applications and operating systems have much more capacity than they need provided by contemporary processors. Games are also pretty much tapped out by the graphics card (unless you play at 640x480 or something retarded like that.)

    Pretty much the only things that are significantly demanding are data processing and image processing apps. Its been shown, however, that multi-way systems are far more sensible for this kind of application.

    Intel and AMD (and Dell, Compaq and HP) are all trying to convince us of the need for a faster system, for its own sake; The sake of having a higher artificial benchmark.

    Of course, there may eventually be some great bloated application that requires serious hardware, or an excellent, but extremely wasteful game AI. Also i'm sure many people use rendering or whatever at home and are convinced that they *need* a 1.5 Ghz processor. Most don't however.

    Meanwhile, Intel and AMD (and the OEMs) are merrily laughing all the way to the bank.
  7. Quote:
    Of course, there may eventually be some great bloated application that requires serious hardware

    Why does the name Microsoft spring to mind here?

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  8. You are absolutely correct!

    But why do we keep buying new cars? New stereo equipment? New video equipment? Because its there!

    My TBird @ 900Mhz is more computer then I need. Having a 1.5ghz machine will shave seconds from my compile times, big deal. Games will run faster. Will I see the difference between 90fps and 130fps? Don't think so.

    So why will I upgrade my equipment this Fall? To have the latest and greatest, even if it only lasts for a couple of days.

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  9. well already the Athlon 4 is appearing. The desktop model is probably going to appear at around 1400Mhz, maybe 1500.
    'Morgan' is going to replace the Duron, probably comming in at 1000mhz.
    then in future years,
    sledgehammer & clawhammer for 64bit
    also in the future is the 0.13 micron die shrink, then SiO technology, then that iso-whatever elementally pure silicon. (reduces resistance)

    Intel will probably be doing the same +/- a year

    and that equals faster better products and lots of COMPETITION. :) :) :)
    And we all know what competition means
    CHOICE & lower costs :)

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  10. Faster doesn't necessarily mean cheaper; faster is a product of better process and refined design. Better process also means more efficient (generally) which equates to lower prices. The reason for cheaper older processors is that they are obsolescent stock, and hence devalued.

    I'd say what Intel and AMD should both be concentrating on is developing a few killer chipsets. Intel could do with another BX, and AMD could do with their own first...

    There are so many things about PC's that need to play catch up, with CPU's running ahead.
  11. That's what he was saying about prices, essentially.

    AMD has it's own chipset, the 760, best out for DDR.

    And yeah, you're totally right about CPU's leading everything else. When are we going to see 10,000 RPM IDE? It should've been here years ago.

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  12. What I read him say was


    What I contend is

    efficient=cheaper & as a by-product faster etc etc Basically- Cheaper first... best for the economy now.

    The 760 is OK, but its not 'legendary' like the BX. The NForce shows promise on paper tho.
  13. its the Palomino, then Thoroughbred, then Barton - all Ahtlons and 0.13 micron chips released over next year and a half

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  14. Yeah, the 760 isn't a world-changing chipset, but if it's the best DDR chipset for Athlons, it's worth buying.

    And I agree, the nForce looks very promising.

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  15. indeed. thus the reason why i got PC150 ram.

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  16. It will be interesting watching both the SiS 735 and the nForce chipsets roll out at about the same time. The previews I have read of both look very interesting. Apparently both chipsets will offer better performance than any of the current Athlon chipsets.

    So, let's see how things look in a month or two after both of these chipsets have been benched. SiS has one advantage in that it's a single chip set....integrated north and southbridges...and likely it will be a preferred set for budget conscious people.

    In either case, I expect an Athlon 1.4 using either of these chipsets will outperform any P4 1.8ghz system...or at least match it.

    It's getting fun!

  17. I quite like the look of the nForce.. That memory controller is nifty ;)

    but they will both be good to look at ;)

  18. ergorge, Alot of ppl bought into the A7v hype will these ppl need to upgrade their mainboards so they can upgrade to a newer Amd cpu?

    I say, Socket A longevity means nothing!

    fact is that all AMD uers will have to upgrade to 'Newer Socket A Motherboard' the change in socket size, shape or color don't mean squat!

    "AMD/VIA...you <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"
  19. I have an asus a7v and I am still pleased with it. Sorry I dont have the money to upgrade my cpu everyday like some people..my tbird is running smooth.
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