Lets cut through the bull, which CPU?

I can’t seem to get a definitive answer and maybe there isn’t one. I just want to know what the most powerful cpu configuration I can purchase is. Im not asking for the most bang for my buck!

AMD 1.44 Athlon?
P4 1.7?
Dual AMDs?
Dual P4 1.7 Xeons?

Im looking for a kick ass system bar none. Money is not an issue here so can someone tell me which is the best performing here?

Well I know someone’s going to say well it depends on what I want to do. So if you need to know then here.

Run MS Word, Excel, Outlook2000, around 3 sessions of FlashFxp, 3 or 4 sessions of IE5.5, Mirc, 2 or 3 sessions of PCAnywhere 10, QuickBooks Pro 2000, maybe copy 10 gig here and there across the LAN, and possibly play some Emprorer:DUNE in the background.

So if one would like to accomplish all this without or with the least performance degradation what would be the best configuration to run?

Sorry if I sound a little arrogant, I just always ask this question and never get any feedback regarding the main point.
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  1. heh.. I think people are hesistating to answer coz
    this is a flame war waiting to happen.

    In any case, if you run all that stuff at the same
    time and you want the least performance degradation
    then you gotta have a dual CPU solution no question.

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  2. If money is absolutely no object, then get dual 1.7 Xeons, or wait for the 1.8 to be available. And you should get dual monitors, so you can have your game on one screen, and the less important stuff on the other :)

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  3. That sounds like a proven winner.

    Kill_the_Wabbit: Let us know about your killer as a machine as you build it. What case and power supply are you going to buy, video card or cards (why not have a duel display rig) and really make it a killer by making it connect to a 65" HDTV set. Don't forget to get a 5.1 suround sound Bose system. I estimate if you really want a kick ass system then it will be 10-15 thousand dollars. Just supply us some crumbs every so ofter for this dream machine so that we can have some fun helping you out.
  4. Dual 1.7 P4 Xeons
    Dual 18.1" LCD monitors
    Dual mirrored SCSI disks
    1Gb memory

    Arrgghh... drool

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  5. Yea baby, in addition:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Bose AM15 </A>
    <A HREF="http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11059889&m=1&cat=24&scat=1222" target="_new">Philips 42" 16:9 FlatTV Plasma-Display Monitor — 42FD9932</A>
    Radeon II with hydravision driving plasma and TFT displays at once.
    Remote keyboard
    Remote game pad/stick
    Party girls
    Max Payne
    Hot tub with Mr. Bubble
    :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. Why are you guys recommending a dual processor system? That system is going to require extremely little resources or horsepower to run office applications. I would just recommend getting either an AMD or INTEL top of the line processor with as much ram as you can afford and windows2000. That should take care of everything. Dual processor systems are for people rendering graphics etc. Running office applications is not a big deal. The fact that you want to multitask just means that you'll want a ton of ram.

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  7. I agree with you about what he needs but that is not what he has asked for.


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  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, can someone on this forum really afford that sh*t?

    That would be one hell of a system.

    Don't extract the urine.
  9. wow I read up on a Dual Amd beating a Xeon Hands down. read up on Toms fourm. If anyone seen a better intel let me know.
  10. a 1.4 gig athlon with the vapochill overclocked to 1.8ghz, maybe a bit faster... 3 sticks of 256 megs of pc2100 ram (maybe pc2400 at cas 2 instead of pc2100 at cas 2) giving a nice 768 megs maybe more if you can get it... get some water cooling for your graphics card and its ram, then overclock the geforce 3 you get to faster than a geforce 2 ultra and oveclock the ram to hell... giving you some nice performance... i should think... a couple of gigabit network cards should do nicely for the 10 gig transfers... then maybe a fair amount of large fast ide drives arranged in raid to increase performance... i think that would be quite a good box... i think most people would agree...

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  11. Depends on how you read the end. He wants a system with no performance degradation. I think a single processor will do the job. A dual is just bragging rights and will never be utilized; It'll just sit there and draw power.

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  12. Compaq ProLiant 8000
    8 - Intel® Pentium® III 700MHz Xeons™ with 2MB cache
    4096MB Total SDRAM PC133 Memory (8x512MB)
    4 x 9.1GB Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm - Included
    Smart Array 4250 ES Controller
    Compaq NC3131 Fast Ethernet NIC 64 PCI Dual
    No AGP slot though...bummer.

    How dumb can you get and still breathe?
  13. This is ridiculous. Should we start recommending supercomputers next? Why don't we recommend some uptime at Stanford? Seriously I refuse to recommend something that will just sit there and look pretty. I doubt he meant he wanted to spend 6 figures on a PC when he can get all his needs met for 2K. This is the typical propaghanda that is spewed trying to make everyone believe that they need the top of the line machines when they're only running office applications...

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  14. Come on, if someone wants to build our dream machine which we cannot enjoy then let them. They may enjoy it beyond our imagination. Yes for the applications he mentioned a single processor machine would do it perfectly.
  15. Oh ok, then I recommend the Jumbotron for a monitor and the hoover dam for electricity. Don't forget one of those 500 foot huricane gail fans for cooling.

    LOL, yeah, he can spend as much as he wants on something I can't afford, but he won't notice a bit of difference between a supercomputer and a $2000 computer.

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  16. He will too notice a difference!! The Cray T90 spits out about 75-80 dba at the panel monitor.

    I'm betting $20 that he's a college freshman hoping his older brother will give him his old P2-233 before school starts back. Some of you gearheads are about to cry over this.

  17. Cyrix CPUs hands down!!!

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