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Suggested/recommended Win7 system-wide EQ

January 24, 2013 3:45:01 AM

Hey all,

I recently purchased a Plantronic Gamecom 780 headset and absolutely love it. It sounds sooo good in game and the surround is really immersive. My only complain is that outside of gaming, specifically when listening to music, they kind of lack bass. The drivers for the headset do not have any kind of equalizer.

So, I'm looking for a program that would add a system-wide equalizer to all of my programs (games, Spotify, Chrome, etc) and not in just my player. I've tried Hear for PC, but honestly I found it a little too complex for my taste, and noticed that there was a half-second delay between something occuring on screen and the audio playing, i.e. mouths and the spoken words wouldn't match up, and was very distracting. I'm currently using Breakaway Audio Enhancer, but I fear the same thing might be happening? But that's a separate issue.

Any one have any suggestions or recommendations? Any assistance would be appreciated!