Longest time without a reboot.

Im curious to know whats the longest time you have run your computer at 100% capacity for. (some restrictions apply)
1. home computer
2. NOT a server
3. has to be running games, apps, internet, or SETI@home etc. so that for most of the time its running fullout.

my athlon 1200C @ 150fsb has almost done 4 days straight now. :)
win2k of course.

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  1. My P3 dual 1ghz has been running for 7 months stright playing games ect...
    My P4 1.7ghz has been running for 17 days stright.
  2. 4 days! Damn thats short...my old pathetic P III 500 with 192 SD RAM ran Seti@home for 5 months straight, before I shut it down on purpose (went to Europe and wanted to stop possibility of fire)
  3. geforce 3 your saying your computer was not rebooted for 7 monthes?
    you played games and all kinds of stuff, update software and drivers I'm assuming and NEVER rebooted? and no power outages or anything?
    I got a pentium3 450 to stay up for almost 3 weeks before my dad pulled its plug out of the wall. I had the same computer looking to be on even longer, at 2 weeks it was rock stable, but only used for talking in IRC and surfing the net, then all of a sudden I had a power outage *grrr*
  4. I also think that "months" is a long time for a standard home pc to run without a reboot, a lot of apps require a reboot after install, as do drivers, directx etc, or do you never update? My main pc gets rebooted OFTEN, but my other machine (I suppose you could call it a server, so doesnt count..) well, Im at work so cant check but at a guess its about 5 months or so.

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  5. P2 300

    a week often until he crash or i must restart because of instalation or i go out for a couple of day.
  6. I had my old K6-2 up over 2 month before power shortage appeared. Average uptimes of my current box are from 1-2 days to some weeks... I don't want my box to get killed by lightning and power blankouts are appearing pretty often, too... Oh, BTW, it has NO M$ software inside.
  7. my linux workstation has an uptime of just under 700 days right now... not too bad i should think... my windows box has been around 2-3 weeks with over 10 hours of heavy usage (load up new apps install sh!t play games and the like) and 24 hours a day seti

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  8. my e-machine has been running stable now for almost 20 minutes! My previous record was 18 minutes of web surfing without a crash. holy mother! I smell a new freakin record.

    note: I DO NOT own an e-machine, but wish I did......

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  9. Can any of you certify any of these claims?

    Those aren't pillows!!
  10. yay
    my machine locked up!
    woo hoo
    the usual here.
    my stupid internet connection and lovely IE 5.5
    can i not count that?
    my dialup is always doing strange things :(
    on the plus side the lockup allowed me to install a bit of new stuff, and to reduce my core voltage a bit down to 1.65v (1.7 shown)
    that knocks a few degrees of the temp.

    and for a home situation i dont think i would want it on for too long, especially unsupervised. dont want it burning down the house f we get a powersurge.
    i usually only run mine for 6 hours a day, tops.
    (people whine about the noise)

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  11. hahah! what are you trying to prove? Athlon sys are only able to maintain long uptimes in a cool evironment not @home!

    at my job we never turn off our P3's, I serviced a 486 at a drugstore(they had it up since '94)

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  12. my 1ghz Athlon generally goes for 2 weeks before I reboot and that is with crappy proprietary hardware/software on WinME(miracle, isn't it?) and my OEM 700mhz Duron heatsink.
    lately, power outages and severe weather have kept my run time down to a day or two.
    my Inspiron 8000/Win2k is pretty much only reboot or shut down when I take it somewhere, it'll go for days without problem.

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  13. At a local highschool they have Durons and they run them 24/7. (even on weekendS).

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  14. sounds like my Linux server.....hehe last count its around 1 year and 6 months since its last reboot.....
    scary little machine.......K6 233 with 96 megs of ram that connects the rest of my machines to the net......

    My Athlon 700@850 *need a couple more fans for 900*, usually two the three weeks before reboots.......with heavy gaming.....just need to dump memory...

  15. Well its not a standard computer has 1gig of ram and it doesn't run hot. and have not had any power outage at all and i have a back up USB and a back up generator
  16. hmm, I can understand a server etc being up for ages, but a standard pc? HOW can you keep up to date with drivers etc if its been up for months? the latest nvidia drivers were only released recently, so do you peeps never update? er but then again, I suppose if its been up that long its stable so dont need updates!!, I mean I never turn mine OFF at all except to plug new stuff in, but reboot very often as I tend to install a lot, also overclock so every tweak in the bios requires a reboot too

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  17. I've got a 13 node (16 CPU) linux cluster that's been up about 145 days now. No crashes at all (ok, 1 X server crash on a node that's been up almost 180 days). It's pegged pretty much 24/7

    I just had to take one of the nodes down to ghost drives for another 8 boxes.

    My athlon box at home doesn't have much continuous uptime because I've been mucking around with different Linux distros, kernels, and we've had some power problems. It's gone 2 or 3 weeks under full load though. It's never crashed since I dumped Mandrake.

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  18. well i only pay a number of games each nite.
    so once all the drivers are in and working properly no need to play with fire and go out finding newer ones.

    i play games, surf the web, chat, master old LP's to CD and ive got UD running always in the background, mopping up any unused processor cycles.
    (UD = United devices = cure for cancer project) similar to seti, but the jobs finish quicker. leave the puter on when i got to bed/work.

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