Buying new Athlon-C 1.2ghz 266FSB

Hi guys.

First time poster here, and as it happens, I'm gonna be a first time cpu and motherboard installer in just a few hours. Please forgive me if the questions I ask are going to sound a little stupid =)

I'm upgrading this old Celeron 266 bucket of mine to an Athlon-C 1.2 266FSB and will be putting it on an AOpen AK73(A) M/b.

Now, I didn't check this before, but I have only pc-100 memory in my current system. Yeah, I know memory's cheap, but I'm blowing my wad here just getting this upgrade, so I'm gonna have to make do for the time being.

Will I be able to run the 266fsb Athlon at only 200fsb? I assume so... I'm gonna have to cos I know the 100 ram ain't gonna work at 133. Does this means my CPU's clock speed is going to drop to compensate? The Athlon-c 1.2 being at 266 will have a multiplyer of 9 right? Because 133x9 = 1200... So if I drop the fsb to 200 it'll be running about 900mhz instead of 1.2ghz... this all right?

I only really want it to work for a couple of weeks, just until I can get some 133 ram, at which time I'll have fsb back at 266. Will this work alright?

That said, if any of you happen to have any tips for installing a new m/b and cpu (considering I'm a first-timer), I'd love to hear them :)
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  1. Underclock all you want, it won't hurt a thing. Knock yourself out!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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