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hi all

1- Ifound the recovery partition has 10 gb and its free is that a problem ?
2- how the create recovery disc works if it take a copy from my c partition and baste it on recovery partition or in the 3 cd's
3- how it work after the laptop damage when i recover c: drive .

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  1. All laptops come with recovery partition in the hdd and is about 10gb. They do this to avoid cost of DVD and make money by selling recovery discs.

    To make these discs you need to be in Windows. Usually there is a utility inside the computer manufacturer's folder. Just click on Start and look for the folder (Acer, HP, etc). The utility will guide you through the process. It is important to make these discs right after you buy the computer so you can restore everything in case hdd fails and the recovery partition is inaccessible.

    If the computer (hdd) is damaged you can access the recovery partition after turning it on by pressing the F8,F10 or F12 key, depending on the brand. Usually it shows on the screen with the manufacturer's splash screen. READ THE MANUAL!

    If you cannot access recovery partition, you have 2 options: buy the recovery discs from manufacturer website, or install a generic Windows that matches the version on the Microsoft sticker at the bottom of your laptop. This sticker has the key code for Windows version printed on it. If the sticker does not show 64-bit, then it is 32 bit windows. With generic Windows, you will need to download ALL the drivers from manufacturer's website for your laptop model.

    Good luck.
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