[Keyboard] Razer Blackwidow 2013 going haywire (Help!)

I've got my razer blackwidow 2013 and sometimes a key would get stuck and repeatedly send that command over and over until I restart the computer or sometimes when I take the USB cable out and put it back again.
This so far happened with the enter, left ctrl and left alt keys.
The key doesn't appear to be physically stuck and I'm not quite sure what causes the issue.
What can I do to find the problem? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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  1. If you having these problems and you just got it , you better contact Razer support and do a RMA. If your still under the 30 days then you can easily get a new one from the retailer you bought it from. It's a lot easier to do the RMA in the first 30 days then it is to go through the warranty.
  2. Okay I'll contact the retailer and try to do an RMA.
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