Gaming Laptop Under $1400 CDN

I'm currently looking for a gaming laptop to play RIFT, FFXIV, new MMORPGs in the future that require quad core.

Proccessor interested in: Intel I-7
RAM: Atleast 4,6 or above

I've been looking at the Asus G Series. It adds up to more than my spending cap with all the stupid CDN taxes we have to pay.

So far I've been monitering and for laptops, but I'm stumped to which laptop will be the best bang for my buck. I would like desktop but I'm always mobile so I need a laptop. Battery life does not matter.

GPU: Something in the top 25 list.

(Preferably NVidia GPU)

Thank you in advance. :)
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  1. Hello xoshua;

    There are no laptop graphics cards in the top 25 in that list.
    You have to drop down to about 40th spot for the first laptop GPU - the GTX 480M.
    That won't be in your price range either.
  2. Down in about 60th place is the GTX 460M which we might find close to your budget range.
  3. Thank you for your quick answer. Will the GTX 460M render RIFT/MMORPG/new games medium- high settings? Which laptop model is this build for?
  4. I believe the GTX 460M will do really well. Maybe more importantly it's the best graphics card that fits within your budget.

    How much is that Asus G53JW with taxes and shipping?
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  6. Wow... Thank you again. I'm going with the Asus. Total price: $1,358.13

  7. Best answer selected by xoshua.
    $1,149.99 after $100 OFF
    ASUS G53JW-XA1
    Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz Laptop
    1.5GB NVIDIA GTX 460M DDR5 Graphics
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