Dell inspiron 5160....what crap!

Took my cpu out(while cleaning all the cat hair out of it). And dicovered that a row of the pins were bent and or broken off. Can I upgade the cpu at a reasonable cost? Also think there is software and or driver issues...runs super slow and choppy. Hate to throw it out, but I hate dell
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    If the pins were bent/broken on the CPU, there is a good chance that the socket may have been damaged as well. I'd get in touch with Dell and let them know what you discovered and see if they would be willing to at least take a look at it (I assume it is out of warranty). I wouldn't hold my breath on that suggestion, but it is worth a shot. If you do not want to scrap it, see if you can find a new motherboard/CPU combo for it on ebay or a laptop spare parts website.
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