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This is more of a informational post for you guys regarding the Razer Deathadder 4G 6400 DPI and people interested in purchasing one right now (11/01/2013).

As you may, or may not know, there is currently a bug with the mouse (for some people at least), which will cause the sensor (your mouse cursor) in first person shooter games to spin rapidly in a 360 degree fashion randomly. Only way to correct this temporarily, is to lift the mouse off the mouse surface (to stop it tracking), and place it down.

Here are some threads on the issue:

Here are my personal experiences with it (I have returned two and received a full refund. Awaiting rectification from Razer before purchasing).

Bug persist in the following circumstances from my testing (for my TWO mouses):
1. happens with and without drivers (Synapse 2.0) installed.
2. happens at all polling rates.
3. happens regardless of the DPI used.
4. happens regardless of "Calibration" being on and off (Synapse 2.0).
5. happens in Battlefield 3, Left for Dead 2, Counterstrike (games i have tested).
6. happens in different USB ports.
7. Happens despite trying it on another computer.

So any fixes to correct it so far? Not that i know of. People have said this to work, but it did not for me:
1. Turn off "Calibration" => did not fix the issue for me
2. Don't use drivers => did not work for me

Has razer said anything about it?
1. No, they have told multiple people they cannot replicate the "bug" on their end, and that it is an "isolated" case.

My personal comments/recommendation on this mouse:
I like this mouse a lot. No, you dont "need" 6400 DPI, but if you "want" it, then i think its great.
Tracking is great (feels like Deathadder 3.5G which i am using).
Rubberized side grips are great, but should have been implemented ages ago.
Clicking and scrolling is better than DA 3.5g imo.
Matte finish is great feeling.
It is lighter by about 7g? (i notice the difference, i overshoot a bit using DA 2013 because it is lighter).

So if you are not bothered by the current bug (which i believe will be rectified in future driver patch), and you want the above mentioned features, get it.
I returned mine because i saw no purpose in spending $70, and getting irritated by this bug, and 6400dpi not being neccessary. So i will continue using my DA 3.5g.

Hope this helps some people out.

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  1. For those not wanting to now get a Razer Death Adder you can get the Razer Imperator 2012 which is a solid mouse with a high dpi (6400) like the Death Adder.
    I can vouch for this because I have one and along with the synapse 2.0 it makes this mouse completly programable and has the shift on the fly dpi as well.
    It's too bad that Razer would drop the ball on the Death Adder because they are known for making outstanding mice for a long time now and I always look forward for the next new release from them.
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