Arrow Keypad USB or PS/2, Need One

So trying to find a generic looking keypad that has arrow keys on it. Not looking for a gaming keypad (those fancy ones with the wrist rest are not for me), almost something that looks as generic as those external number keypads you can get for laptops. I bought a Genovation-683 macro pad...

I assigned the arrow keys to it but for whatever reason the macro software does not let the key be "held" down. Instead ops for one brief key press being registered no matter how long I hold it down or you can change the option so it has many single presses every 2-20ms. I intend to use this for a few simple indie games I play which make the character just jitter forward instead of move properly, as well as some 3D modeling stuff, which makes the model turn in little jitter increments as well. If anyone knows how to fix this then I am set, I just like having the keypad on the left hand side (FYI not looking for a left handed keyboard). So its back to the drawing board in what I am looking for. There are a few examples of what I am looking for pictured below. Do not really want the number pad if I can avoid it.

Love this one, the brand is QTronix. I have found this one, but it is rather bulky.

An old apple keypad that I have seen, not sure I can get it to work on a present day PC? It plugs into a bigger main keyboard. But only am able to find one and its now a collectors thing so its $120, which is fine if I knew I could get it to work I suppose. The money aspect is not too much of a concern if it works, but I worry about it not having a decent feel to it. Again rather bulky.

Does not work stand alone from the keyboard it comes with (azio levetron mech5), as i think it only works plugged into the main board. I may be wrong, if someone can confirm or deny this?

The closest I can find is something like this, but its made of crappy silicon keys.

Any ideas of where to get something like this would be great. Price is not the biggest concern but $100-$150 would be great, but at this point after combing the internet for days I would love to see any option no matter how pricey. Hell even a keypad that is odd little unicode keys (Ä£¥¿℅) that I could remap using the keyboard registry editor SharpKeys, would be really great. At this point I am also weighing in using a Cthulhu board (a ps3/PC USB board for making custom arcade sticks) then hooking the leads up to some cherry switches or just crappy buttons and assigning those to the arrow keys in xpadder.

Need some ideas people :D
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  1. Those are mostly all number pads, the arrow keys on them are badly laid out, which would be fine if I could remap them without it remapping the keys on ANY keyboard attached to the computer, which is a headache. Looking arrow keys in the standard upside down T shape, the number pad is not the important part. Thanks for your fast reply though.
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