Damaged PS or CPU?

System specs: asus a7m266, athlon 1400 running at 1333!, geforce 3, sb live xgamer, network card, dvd, burner, no floppy yet, 300 Watt PS!.. cpu running at around 51 C.

I just finished putting my system together, and now i'm trying to install windows on it.
First of all, when I win2k formatted my computer in ntfs format, it took like 4 hours! Its a 60 GB HDD. Is this normal?
Ok, then when I got to the installation, it couldn't copy a file over. I did this entire thing again, and I got the same error.
I tried windows XP, and the installation also gave me an error. Formatting computer for win98 (fat32) now, looks like it will take little over 2.5 hours.
Now about the possibibly damaged CPU. When I was installing the heatsink, I was doing it incorrectly at first when i was trying to get the clip in. I was tilting it, and I think i was putting to much pressure on it. If the CPU is damaged, could that be causing it?
Sorry but one more thing. The first time I was instlaling win2k, all I had was the video card and keyboard plugged in, just to see if everything was working. Things went pretty smooth, so i quit installation and plugged in everything, then problems started..

wow this is to long, sorry.. but please help! :P
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  1. Umm...what is your exact problem? And what kind of hard drive do you have? That makes a big difference in formatting speed.

    And Fugger, please do something useful. You're so lazy you don't even bother making the link clickable.

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  2. Quote:
    You get what you paid for.
    Enjoy =)

    More than what I expected.
    Thunderbird 1000C at 1400MHz (10.5*133).
    And Yes, I'm enjoying!

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  3. Check your BIOS. Something is wrong in there (L2 Cache enabled?)

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  4. My problem is that i can't install an operating system, because installation freezes or it gives me an error. When I was installing win2k, it couldn't find the file it needed to copy over, even tho it was on the cd. in win98 installtion, it freezes when the install shield is at 100%.
    This is all with everything plugged in. When i take everything out except the video card, it doesn't even get that far in the installation.

    Also when i was installing my heatsink I was doing it wrong at first. that might have damaged that cpu. If the cpu was damaged would I get to the installation? Answer that question please so i can know to buy another power supply or not.
  5. Your right

    AMD: you get what you pay for
    Intel: you dont get what you pay for
  6. Part of your problem is that you need to flash your bios to recognise the 1.4G Athlon. That's gonna be tough - but not impossible - without a floppy drive.

    If your are booting okay there is not likely to be a critical cpu problem.

    Hard disk formats can taka a long time - especially 60GB straight off. I'll give you a tip - you do not want to install anu OS on a partition larger than 8GB. In 2K setup, format the drive creating an 8GB partition (forget about the rest until later) and then format that with NTFS. NT does suppot larger partitions but it will be much more efficient to have your BOOT (data partitions can be as big as you want) partition 8GB or less. You'll find it formats much faster too.

    For the purposes of troubleshooting OS don't try and set the memory at fast setting or anything at high spec until the OS and drivers are loaded.

    You were doing the right thing in the first place btw. Usually easier and faster to install with the minimum hardware present and add them later. There could be any number of issues - try installing without the SB card and NIC at lest.

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  7. *rolls eyes*

    >> ...when i was installing my heatsink I was doing it wrong at first...

    if you install it wrong what do you expect? why do you think there is a right and a wrong way.
    i bet if you take off your heatsink it will be chipped or cracked on the corner.
    95% of the time that means you have F_U_C_K_E_D it and need a new one.
    the fact that you can partially install means it isnt [-peep-] too badly.
    but it doesnt really help if it keeps locking up.
    why do u want to buy a new power supply? its the processor that is possibly cracked.

    a friendly suggestion. next time RTFM.
    if your not 100% sure u can do something sucessfully, DONT DO IT.

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  8. Ok I've got some things working and I got pretty far so i dont think its cpu damage. I installed win98 on another computer then put the hdd in my new computer. I set the frequency at 100mhz, so the system was running at 1050mhz. I was able to boot into 98 and install all my drivers for all my hardware. So then I decided to put the frequency back at 133mhz. CPU speed displayed at 1333mhz(should be 1400). I tried booting into windows. I got: Windows Protection Error. Please Reboot. .. something to that effect. Set it back at 100mhz, downloaded a bios update. Then i set frequency at 133 again and reboot. Now it showed 1400mhz! :) .. When i tried to boot into windows, it gave me the same windows protection error. I went back in bios and decided to decrement the frequency by 2.. to 131mhz..
    so now its running a little below 1.4mhz. I boot into windows, and it worked! I was thrilled at this point. Installed everything. Played my games.. Everything was awsome.
    So i decided to run install win2k. That installed fine. I installed a few things, then went to bed. The next morning I use sandra soft to benchmark my cpu. It was really low. When I benchmarked in win98 the other day, it was off the charts. I also checked my cpu speed with a script in irc, and it showed it running at around 800mhz. When i ran the same script in win98 the day before it was around 1400mhz.

    Then i set the frequency back at 133mhz(1.4ghz cpu) and go into win2k. It still shows around 800 mhz and benchmarks are still way down. I switched it back to 131mhz and tried to boot win98, and it gave me that damn protection error i got around the day before!!! So this is basically where i am now... frustrating..

    So can anyone tell me why its slower in win2k, and what the hell that protection error is about in win98....
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