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****** where is the download button on this site
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  1. I think what you are looking for is google.com
  2. One place to get programming tools for Windows, Windows Phone would be: msdn.microsoft.com

    Visual Studio Express is the free version.
  3. Dude, this is a forum, its here for people who have a problem. Not for downloading programs off. Like said you took the time to make the post.

    The real facts of life are this you don`t walk into a shop that sells fruit to ask were all the books are do you. Because logic tells you, your not going to find a book there are you.
    And when you go into a library to get a book you normally have a a good Idea of what section you need to go to and find it. If you do not have a clue then you ask the librarian to find it for you as a query.

    What is Google for? believe it or not its called a search engine for the internet/ or a query engine for an answer.

    Just like you would ask the Librarian to find a book for you.
    Does that sound Logic ? There is an association there plain as day, Observation, logic thinking.
    Yours obviously went missing, Laziness, and lack of logical thought.
    For example do you know what I would do right now exactly what you should of done.
    Hop over to Google, and type in the search words. free C++ compiler for window blah blah.
    Did your leg fall off for doing it yourself.

    So here you go click on the Link below for a free C++ compiler, all simply done through a google search my friend. Logic you have it or you simply just do not.
  4. Thank you weaselman! I think your post should be displayed on the main page for future free software requests!
  5. Well darkboon, its just the way some people think, or as a case simply just do not.

    It is one of the simplest things to do in the world google it, and it`s not like anyone who uses a computer, and the internet does not have a clue it`s there or how to use it, is it?
    After all you just signed up to a forum and made a post, if you can do that you can use google right ? Yes it may come in handy also to put em in line asking for free windows Activation keys also.

    But hey let`s be honest people asking that, don`t even bother to read the forum rules anyway. And why the posts always crop up time and time again.
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