BSODs While playing BF3 and Streaming

Hi guys this is driving me up a wall.. I have had BSODS for the past 2 months or so. I have done everything from memtests to chkdsks to driver verifier. I only get crashes when im streaming BF3. I was getting crashes while playing it but i updated my video drivers a few times the driver sweeper way and it started to work. now i cant stream and play at the same time. I have played Skyrim for 4 hours straight and get no bsods what so ever

Memtest comes back with no errors, and driver verifier crashes while streaming it but just artifacts and feezes and doesnt restart so its not making mindumps.
I have windbg x64 and i learned sorta kinda how to read and load drivers and analyze. but maybe you guys can help me figure this out.

I have also scanned my pc with Malwarebytes twice and i have MSE. everything comes back clean.

i have tried updating everything. Do you think its a bad video card. i uploaded the minidump.rar it includes all bsods and my dxdiag inside.
please someone help me. I finally set my stream the way i want it to go and Crysis 3 open beta is coming soon and i want to stream that.

My DMPs and Dxdiag are here
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  1. how are your temps?
    next time you boot up your pc press f8 and select an option to disable automatic restart on system errors aka bsods so you can write down the error number and from there you can google the error to give you a general idea of whats wrong and what to troubleshoot
  2. who are you conected to the net?? if it the onboard Ethernet it could be a sign of the Ethernet port is overheating. I would see if a friend has a nic card you can try to see if if a chipset issues on the mb or software.
  3. what type of video card do you have? Try to turn down the settings to low if you have a HD 4800 series or lower or GT9600 or lower.
  4. I have a HD5670 OC edition 1GbDDR5 .. My temps are fine although i just checked my PSU and it had a lot of dust in it so it might be Overheating itself. ALl my temos are normal video card is 39c idle 45-50c max cpu temp is 30c idle 40-45c max.. Yeah i dont know anyone with a nic card although right before the bsods i did take DDWRT off my Router and replaced with the updated manufacture firmware,could that be causing issues. a bad flash maybe?
  5. try making sure you have the newest nic drivers. changing the firmware on a router would just make your downloads faster or slower. would not cause your system to bsod.
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