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hello all,
I am going to work. im looking forward to purchase a netbook now, but im totally confused. Hoping some help from you people .

Basic requirements:
-10.2 inch or 10.1 inch screen (HD prefered)
-at least 160 GB
-most importantly : Good build, and should not broke early.
-budget - under $320

I have heard that hp's are not of good quality, their warranty states that they will either be made of new or used parts that will be equivalent to new, , not very sure about dell too.

I have done some search and currently i'm looking at degee I8B11D4 10.2 inch, samsung N210 10.1" Netbook but i'm open to suggestions .

thanks in advance......
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  1. Samsung N210 - 10.1in Netbook "OK"; Reviews:
    Samsung N210 - 10.1in Netbook Review
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    Samsung N210 review

    degee I8B11D4 10.2 inch Not "OK" as in - stay away from.
  2. If they are still available, Samsung N140 has better battery life. But it may be out of your budget.
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