Athlon C 1400 & Palomino 1400: Same thing?

Hi. I'm going to build an AMD system soon & have 2 quick questions. A local shop is advertising:

"AMD 1400 Athlon C (266fsb)" & a "AMD 1400 Palomino", with the latter being more expensive.

Can someone explain the difference (if any) between these 2 cpu's?
I am buying a MSI K7Master or ABIT KG7R(when available). Will the "Palomino" work in these mobo's?



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  1. 'AMD 1400 Palomino' does not yet exist on the market. Pretty big difference...

    The 1.4G processor is availble in either 1.4/266 or 1.4/200 forms and both are regular Athlon Thunderbirds.

    The Palomino core is the codename for the new Athlon revision supporting SSE, cpu temperature diode, lower power consumption, enhanced prefetch and SMP. It is nominally currently available in 1G and 1.2G form called AthlonMP for dual cpu server/workstation and also Mobile Athlon 4 in 1GHz, 950, 900, and 850MHz. The desktop Athlon 4 is not yet released (possibly later this month) and is speculated to debut at 1.5G. All cpus are currently built on <i>.18</i> micron silicon technology.

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  2. Uh sorry duder but you wrong,
    "AMD Athlon MP processors are manufactured using AMD's 0.18-micron copper process technology at Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany."
    Straight off AMD's website, check it out if you have doubts.....

    just like all other AMD people. No have clue what they talkin about...

  3. Yeah, the Palomino is gonna be .18, the first .13 micron AMD chip that is coming out is the Thoroughbred next year.

  4. whoops - my bad - I meant .18 - thanks

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  5. Palomino should work in current Athlon Thunderbird mobos. AMD are also calling Palomino the Athlon 4, at least in the mobile format (so it's not C = 3, it's 4 = D !).

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  6. the MP is only up to 1.2 ghz i think... thats the multiprocessor palomino... they wont work on the mobos... youll need lower voltages than you would get on current motherboards...

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  7. How'd you figure that? My A7V133 will deliver down to 1.1V

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  8. hmms.
    i found my a7v133 kept defaulting to 1.75
    if i tried anything below 1.65v :)
    guess its the processor in it in conjunction with jumperfree

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  9. Yep - I think the CPU is 'overriding' you. Setting jumpered voltage should overcome this.

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  10. *nod*

    not that im particularly worried... ive found that my system is stable at 1.65, but not for real extended periods of time (days) running seti.
    for that i have to up it to 1.70.

    AMD chips run hot. The world is getting hotter. Therefore, AMD is causing Global Warming!
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