TTEsports Challenger Ultimate Backlight Not Working

Hey all, I just bought a Thermaltake TTEsports Challenger Ultimate gaming keyboard from amazon and when I installed the software to set up the backlighting system, I got no results. I re-installed the software, rebooted my computer, looked online, and read all the manuals, doing everything exactly right, but no light is coming through the keys, whatsoever. I also thought it might be on a light sensor so I waited until night and still, nothing. I've tried everything and was hoping for some information from this forum. Any guidance would be appreciated! (I also emailed Thermaltake but haven't gotten a response yet!)
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  1. Ok wow, I figured it out. The USB cord has two USB's on the end and both MUST be plugged in for the backlight to work. This should've been printed in the manual. Dunno why it wasn't in the first place.
  2. One usb for the input and the other for the lighting , makes sense. Glad you figured it out , I was about to say send it back and get another.
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