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Simple but Urgent: Athlon 1G question

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July 7, 2001 6:36:58 AM

Ok here's the deal, my new system is an AMD 1G running on a Asus A7V mb, Geforce MX, 30G Maxtor hd. The damn thing started to crash the moment I got it, (crashes every 2 mins)so I called up tech. support and they told me to goto bios and lower the external clock to 100Mhz instead of 133Mhz. When I asked why, they said my CPU runns better w/100 Mhz external, what ill like to know is: if it does run better w/100mhz, then why'd they advertise 133(what the heck does it do anyways??)? and is there going to be any performance loss?

PS : the system runs FINE when DRAM freq gets set to 100 MHz (no more crashing)
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July 7, 2001 7:29:12 AM

There is definately going to be a performance loss another reason why i hate AMD processors.

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July 7, 2001 9:32:49 AM

Well, I'm pretty sure that motherboard isn't able to do 133MHz FSB, even if the CPU can. The A7V133 is 133MHz-capable, the older A7V is not. Athlon-C's are specced for 133MHz FSB; Athlon-B's are only specced for 100MHz FSB. If either the motherboard or the CPU is not specced for 133MHz FSB, then both need to be set to 100MHz FSB for maximum stability.

The system should still be able to use (and benefit from) PC133 memory over PC100 memory, though.

Could you give us a link to the retailer's web page, and perhaps even the ad where the system was listed? This all sounds very fishy, but I wouldn't go on a crusade against the retailer until we determine exactly what they promised and exactly what they delivered.

If the retailer just listed the system as being able to use PC133 memory, they haven't outright deceived you. If they shipped the system with the 133MHz MHz setting (which it sounds like), then they either overclocked it, failed to test it fully, or just deliberately screwed you over (or perhaps a combination of the three).


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July 7, 2001 2:08:58 PM

Your memory on the A7V can run at 133 but your FSB is 100 and will only OC to 105 or maybe 107 tops. Also what bios are u using? On the earlier ones the A7V can lockup if the performance setting in BIOS is set to “optimal”. Change it to “normal”. If that solves your problems u need a new BIOS (like 1007), then u can run it a optimal. I am assuming when u say crash u mean it freezes up (or locks up) and u need to turn off the power supply. Also I have found my A7V to work best in jumper mode. What I mean is I could OC it more in jumper mode then with the BIOS.

If u do run your memory at 100 instead of 133 u will definitely lose performance. I don’t know if u would notice it running apps but just knowing your not getting all the performance u can would bug me.

Good luck & cya

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July 8, 2001 1:47:31 AM

omg.. i never knew it was that bad..(damn I'm mad!!!!) first of all, thank you for the replies, they really helped. Ok here's what the MB specs say: Asus A7V 200Mhz FSB, PC133/VC133 support, ATA 100. So I think it DEFINETLY support 133... by the way,I tried setting it to Normal mode but the system simply reboots itself ATOMATICALLY (right when you see the windows loading screen)
p.s: will the fact that my BIOS is 1004D (not 1007) be of any importance? Should I d/l a newer version before taking my system back?
July 8, 2001 2:38:13 AM

that a7v 200FSB means its really only a 100mhz FSB board with the ram running at 133.

you really need a a7v133 so that BOTH the ram and the FSB can run syncronously.

by the way? are your multipliers locked? if so... what at?
if its locked at 10 then your chip is an athlon B rated for 1000Mhz (10x100)
however if its locked at 7.5 then it has the higher 133mhz FSB and is a 'C' model. 7.5 x 133 = 1000.

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July 8, 2001 5:01:45 AM

my mb is in JumperFree mode, which means that my multipliers arent locked, how do I know what settings are my system using? Theres an options in my BIOS that lets me specify my own CPU freq, what should I do? and also, NORMALLY, is the CPU freq and DRAM freq a 1:1 ratio or a 4:3? (ie 100 mhz for CPU to a 133 MHz for DRAM)
thanks A TON for the help :)  keep em coming... pleeaasee!!!!
and yes.. I am a hardware newbie.
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July 8, 2001 7:31:11 AM

mine is 133fsb 133ram (actually ive overclocked to 150fsb & 150ram)
the a7v can do EITHER 100fsb 100ram OR 100fsb 133ram.
that will get you a little more performance.

unlocked you say? BOTH settings? hmmms.
try setting your system to 10 x 100 & ram to 100 & cas3.
then work upwards from there.
next try 10 x 100 & ram @ 133.
also make sure your voltage is around 1.75.

start low. work high.
if it doesnt work at low then u have real problems and something else may be cauzing the issue

AMD chips run hot. The world is getting hotter. Therefore, AMD is causing Global Warming!