Big Problem|FIC AZ-11 (KT133) and Asus V7100| Help

Hi, i'm having some big problem trying to run my Asus V7100 32M Pure, on my FIC- AZ11 Mobo.

My system specs're:

- AMD Duron 800 (no Overclock) 8.0 x 100
- Mobo FIC- AZ11
- 128 mb Ram PC-100
- ATI RAGE 2mb (mach64) Pci / Now a Asus GF2 ...

Well, i think that's all what really matters, so, before the Asus Card (Gf2 mx) i have a ATI card, which always worked correctly, but when i've installed the new video card, the problems started, sometimes my windows dont even start (only with Asus card), i've switched back to the ATI, and always was perfect, coming back to Asus, windows ME doenst recognize the video drivers, doenst matter if, Nvidia or Asus drivers, well, my friend have a Celeron@500, 128 Ram PC-100 on a Asus P2-99, and in this machine, the Asus board worked well, all correct, so, i'm thinking about some litle problem btw, my mobo and the Asus v7100, maybe all Gf2 or even all Nvidia Cards ... , a conflict even a bios problem, something what i cant imagine, on the bios i've found this AGP options relationed:

- AGP aperture size
- Video Ram cacheable: enable or disable
- AGP 4x Mode
- AGP driving control: Auto or choice one
- AGP fast write: enable or disable
- AGP Master 1 WS Write: enable or disable
- AGP Master 1 WS Read: enable or disable

Can you tellme whats the recommended configuration on this items ? Maybe, i havent tried all possible conbinations, i've already formated my Hd a lot of times, tried, Win 98, Win 98 SE and finally Win ME, nothing seems to work, another possibility, a bad AGP slot, no way, i've runned a Savage4 8mb on it, it worked correctly, i've followed all drivers instructions perfectly, i just dont know what to do! Do you know some issues involving these cards, or maybe it's a problem with the chipset GF2 ?
ah, i've installed too, the 4in1 to my mobo from Via.

Thank you very much for your attention

I hope you can help me

Thx again

Guilherme S.J.
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  1. have you installed the via 4in1 drivers - specifically the AGP ones?

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  2. Before reinstalling the Geforce card try changing the adapter driver to "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter". Reboot the system to Safe Mode. Delete any display adapters that show up in device manager. These probably include your ATI drivers, failed Geforce drivers, and any others. Don't delete the Standard PCI Graphics Adapter driver which you just installed. Afterward, shutdown again and install the Geforce card. Reboot the system, if Windows tries to autoload drivers for the Geforce just cancel out of everything. After the system boots load the Geforce drivers manually. When you next reboot everything should work fine.

    In rare cases you may have to manually delete all ATI driver files and/or edit the Registry to remove references to these drivers. This will definitely work but it is a pain in the butt to do. Usually the first procedure works.
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