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1Ghz or 1.2 for o/c

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July 7, 2001 11:12:00 AM

Howdy all !! Just wondering what is best for o/c on a a7v133.I want the B version which have the axia stepping which is the same as the 133 (C) version.To plonk a 1Ghz in a a7v133 you get an instant 33% increase as the board boots up at a 133 FSB.Now ive heard these TBs are capping at 1.5 Ghz.I was wondering if it would be best to reduce the clock multiplyer and increase from 100Fsb to 133Fsb or or just be happy with a 1Ghz running at 1.33Ghz, Im sure some of you have already delved into this and could comment . Thanx 8p

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July 7, 2001 12:47:09 PM

an AXIA 1G will happily do 1.33 at 133FSB - I doubt you'll need to even alter the voltage.

The 1.2s might give you another 50Mhz on the 1.5 cap. The 1.33 and 1.4 (esp if you can get ahyja or whatever) seem to be nudging 1.6 aircooled. My axia gets 1594 from 1.33 but it is a bit of an effort at 1.85V and needing an MC462 cooler.

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July 7, 2001 2:53:19 PM

Hey Pete anyword around on how the BXIA steppings are doing? Just got one the other day, a 1.2 gig. To date I have yet to make the jump from the kt133 chipset as I wait for things to sort themselves out. Considering the new chaintech board with the new via southgate ( not the 686 b) and the amd 760 northbridge, or considering the SIS chipsets if they ever make it to market.

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July 7, 2001 4:22:41 PM

My 'C' gig AXIA Y can do around 1450 145x10 at 1.85v with a simple Alpha Pal heatsink and Delta fan. Currently run at 145x9 for 1314mhz, and 1.75v Had the voltage at 1.70 but would lock up windows. Temps are farely decent low 30's idle, low 40's under load.

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July 7, 2001 4:30:11 PM

news to me - imho new = better so we'll have to wait and see. I think I just blew my mobo (a7v133) so I'm thinking about the next move. Got a PIII700@1036 as a backup though.

Might wait for the Sis735 and nForce to come out and get benched. Alternatively I'll take a sniff around Northwood when that's released and see what it is like. Shame to have a 1.33AXIA and all the extras sat here doing nothing though....

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July 7, 2001 4:37:04 PM

wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a new 133A board? My Iwill KK266 does pretty well

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July 7, 2001 4:43:26 PM

cheaper - yes - better - possibly not.

I'm okay to hang for now - got my AXIA up to 1.6G+ aircooled and had my fun - I'm onto bigger and better things. Maybe go dual AMD, see if another 1.33 would work since they seem to work in the initial TYAN reivews and as I already have one, but will wait for the next boards that don't require ECC or registered DDR memory.

Alternatively I'll take Northwood if that is doing better, or I'll take Desktop Athlon4 if that is kicking butt. To be frank - this is all rather a hobby for me - I have a bit of cash to burn and it is way cheaper than drinking in $$/hour. Also better for my health. Oh - and before people chime in and say that PC is way more expensive than drinking, it isn't when you live in Tokyo at $10/beer.

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July 7, 2001 5:13:41 PM

Whoo hoo! Tokyo! I'll trade you a 133a board for bootleg anime and pocky ;) 
July 7, 2001 6:07:19 PM

LOL, yeah and that all depends on what type of bar you do your drinking in as well, remember several out of town escapades in a cetain setting where drinking ( and err ah...) well exceeded over $300.00.
Right now I am satisfying my curiousity playing around with WINXP pro on a 1.1 gig Tbird ( avia ) coupled with a gforce pro. Got the 1.2 Bxia running Win ME, coupled with an ATI Radeon VIVO. Chomping at the bit for a new motherboad to see what this chp can do, seriously considering the new chainteck board if SIS or Nvidia boards don;t hit the streets soon.

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July 8, 2001 2:37:31 AM

oh yeah - $200-$300/night is just for straight (heavy) drinking, none of the 'extras' :wink:

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July 8, 2001 2:42:04 AM

how did u manage to blow the mobo? *curious*

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July 8, 2001 3:05:26 AM

Hmm - I was dumb.

You know that feeing when you have a really good idea and there is no way common sense is going to get in the way?

Well - I was attempting to sound proof/dampen my case. I bougt a load of acoustic foam to pack in it etc. I thought I'd start at the back since there are no fans or open spaces, just the 3.5 and 5.25 drive bays and the mobo tray...

Well - I force the foam in (thinking it will work better if packed more tightly) and get the case side back on. Think I'll try that out. Okay - start the machine - gets part way and them BSOD - inaccessible boot device. "strange' thinks me.

Anyway - it is about this time I realise that pressing hard against the back of the motherboard tray with thte system powered on may not be the greatest thing and come to the conclucion I must have shorted something...

Well, I pad out the back of the mobo with cardboard and inspect both it and the tray for visible signs of shorting but find none. But now I cannot get this mobo to boot - it starts and POSTs but will never boot fuly - even off 2000CD I get inaccessible boot device - so, I figure it is toast... oops. Still - it is an excuse to upgrade.

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July 8, 2001 6:04:00 AM

Get yourself a loop and look over all the traces real well looking for signs of a cut trace. You would be amazed at how many motherboards I have brought back to life this way. Are you able to get far enough to flash the bios with it? Oh and btw, if you feel your creative juices again begin to flow in the same route give me a shout, I can get you some material much better for sound proofing.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
July 8, 2001 6:56:59 AM

I haven't tried booting DOS yet - might give it a go.

I gave up looking over the board - it would be frankly abetter use of my time to replace it. My only concern is that it is not it that is as fault, bot something ese/more than 1 thing....

Thanks for the offer - I ahve some dense foam etc I was going to be using. Looked at a few alternatives but difficult to arrange them to get in Japan....

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July 8, 2001 3:59:43 PM

We have some rubber material at work expecially made for acoustical dampening. Comes on a roll is very very heavy ( like it is lined with lead). It is only about 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch thick and is made to sound proof piping. I have been considering trying something simular to what you have tried using this. Seems like just lining the case's removable sides and top should do the trick.

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July 8, 2001 4:03:31 PM

sounds great - (no pun intended) - any idea how I get that _really_ heavy lining to Japan? :smile:

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