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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has either had personal experience or know of a solution of what my issue may be with this keyboard.

I have used it for close to a year now, have both the mouse and keyboard from the set but only use the keyboard now since i prefer my corded razer mouse. But recently i have only been able to get about 4-6feet of range out of it when it should reach close to 25+ feet like it had before.

i am using the same drivers, re-installed, even re-installed windows. I have also tried plugging the received in to the USB 3.0 port thinking maybe it isnt getting enough power off the 2.0 port with the extended cord that came with the set, after plugging in to the usb 3.0 port i was able to use the keyboard from my couch which is about 8 feet away and it worked perfect, no hiccups or cut outs. come back to the computer in the morning and try to use it from the coffee table which is about 6 feet away and nothing, move it closer it starts to work.

It has fresh batteries as well.

If anyone has any idea or has seen this happen with another wireless keyboard i would love to know what the solution may have been.

Thank you
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  1. This may be a temporary solution for you untill yo find a perminent one or get a new wireless keyboard.
    Take a usb extension cable and plug the wireless adapter into the end of it an let it out towards where your sitting , kind of the opposite to bringing the keyboard closer to the computer you would be bringing the adaptor closer to where you want to use it.


  2. i do have a extension cable and the one that came with the adapter is about 2-3 feet, so i have a total of almost 10 feet if i need it, but the only issue with pulling it out so far means i will having it running across my living room floor, and with a 2 year old and a dog that is a tripping hazard and will also start ruining my USB ports over time if there is too much stress on it by people tripping on it. (like what happened with all 4 of my front USB ports)
  3. Well it wasn't meant to lay it out over the floor , just trying to extend the adaptor somewhat untill there is a solution. Naturaly I have no idea of your layout and you would have to be the judge of what is safe and what isn't. Sometimes there is a way to do things safely. Eveb just raising it up so the signal has a chance to spread out further.
  4. see that is what i thought, putting it up higher. the extension cable that came with the receiver has like a 45 degree angle port so it is raised slightly, even when i put it up on my book shelf around the same distance some my couch by the tv it cant get any further distance than 5-6feet. it is just odd that it will sometimes work at a further distance then shorten down.

    hope i can figure this out sooner than later, it is starting to get really annoying, been using my phone as a remote mouse pad and keyboard for the time being because sitting on the floor is kind of uncomfortable.
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