Urgent! Which processor to buy?

Okay, I've got only R10500 to spare..thats about $1100.

My current system is (without the cpu)

256MB DDR RAM ( I heard that is the best)
64MB Geforce2 MX
30GIG hardrive

I use my PC mainly for gaming, but I also use
Photoshop 5.0 and Dreamweaver 4 a lot.

I have a reasonable quote for a thunderbird 1.33GHZ (is the 1.5 out yet?)
system, but how is the performance and compatibilty
and reliabilty compared to a P4? I need this system
with MINOR upgrades to last me at least 3 years.
Which should I go for? AMD or INTEL?
Will the Palamino work on an existing Mboard from Gigabyte?
Will the next shot of P4 require a new motherboard?
What about DDR ram comabared to DrDRAM?

Sorry about all the questions, its just that I am buying
it on Monday and I need to know if I am making the right decision with AMD. $1000 is quite a lot in South Africa.

Your help will be really appreciated..If i win the lottery I will pay for your next upgrade :)
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  1. well if you have already purchaced the ram then that kinda means your going for a duron/thundabird (at least in the short term as the p4 doesnt have a DDR ram chipset yet)

    Athlons are reliable and fast... but flamers will likely tell you otherwise in not very coherent spelling.

    aslo check out the past reviews and read a pentium4 vs athlon article. then u will be able to see which one matches your needs.
    either should be more than adequate.

    personally im quite happy with my athlon 1200C. once i ironed out the NON-processor related bugs. exceedingly fast on all that i do. word, excel, games, mp3's, movies, large WAV file editing and SETI@home.
    likewise to pick a DDR motherboard check out the past articles.

    the p4 uses a completely different motherboard from the athlon.
    and yes, the latter version will use a different socket. but you said your not going to upgrade for 3 years so it doesnt really matter.

    AMD chips run hot. The world is getting hotter. Therefore, AMD is causing Global Warming!
  2. Since your on a budget, you should get a cheap 1.0ghz Athlon and overclock it to 1.4-1.5ghz with a good cooler.

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  3. He has $1000 for the processor and motherboard... more than enough for either cpu.
  4. If you were gonna spend $1100 on mobo+CPU get a vapochill case and a 1.4GHz Athlon.

    Grass is a beautiful weed.
  5. Yeah, I'd have to agree. $1000 for a CPU+MB+case is enough to buy almost anything.
    Even if you bought a $600 Vapochill (do they have them in SA?), you'd have enough left over for almost any MB and CPU you want, definitely enough for any Athlon and MB.

    My advice?

    Athlon 1.4+Asus A7M266

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  6. oopps! I guess I read wrong.
    I thought he had only $1100 to spend on a complete system (mobo, cup, vid card, monitor, etc...)

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