Dell Laptop - Expert advice requested.

Dell Laptop - Expert advice requested.

Hi Forum Friends,
Pls offer your expert advice on following.
I have to buy a laptop and need your kind assistance in figuring out following:
# I want to buy a Dell Laptop only (no other brands)
Reason: It offers seamless international 3 years warranty
# I would ideally love to buy i7 core which I believe is the most powerful processor now
(Can downgrade to 5i if budget is exceeded)
# I am fine with 14 inches. Even 13 inches would be fine.
# RAM I need is 4GB but love if it’s 8 GB
# I would love to have a soft touch pad (example like Latitude E4310) and not a metal one because its very uncomfortable to click
# My budget is USD 700 – USD 800 but can stretch if needed
# I need laptop soon so would like to order soon
Based on above which model would you recommend from Dell and pls let me know how to get good deals / coupons etc so that I can balance cost.
Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
I really await ur replies.
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  1. Dell is currently running sales on the Latitude E5410 and E5420, both of which can be configured with 2.5ghz Core i5 processors and 4gb of RAM for within your budget. Also look at the Vostro 3400 which will come in at just below $700.

    *Note: I am not factoring in the extended warranty
  2. Would the Latitude be an acceptable alternative to a Lenovo Thinkpad T series?

    Just spec'd a Latitude E6420 & T420. Was surprised to find the Thinkpad $150 less than a comparable Latitide.
  3. Dell XPS 15
    Comes with new sandy bridge.

    I just ordered one.. coming in 3-4 weeks.. yay!
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