Systems & High Ambient Temperatures?

For the forseable future I'm going to be living in the midwest USA without air conditioning. This has proved a problem in the past over the summer as the ambient temperature of my computer room can reach 95 F (~35 C, and usually about 50%-90% humidity) for weeks on end during June, July, and August without anything running except the overhead fan. With the lights turned on and all my computers running the temp can reach 100 F (37 C) without too much difficulty.

This has caused system problems for me in the past, due to different components depending on which system is running. I'm planning on buying (not building, I don't have the time or patience this time around) a new desktop in the next few months and I have questions about stability issues in rooms with such high temps. FYI I don't plan on overclocking this computer in any way.

1) AMD or Intel in this situation? I'm looking in the 1.5 ghz range probably (1.4ghz for Athlon, or maybe 1.6 when one comes out). As an aside I'm usually an AMD fan, but I've heard that Intel processors run more stable at high ambient temps. Any truth to that?

2) Other components?: I was also wondering about the stability of other components at high ambient temperature, most notably RAM (DDR and RDRAM stability) and the high temperature stability of the Geforce3. Mention of other components that you might know of that have problems with heat would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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  1. well man if you go for AMD than i warn you thar they generate a lot and i mean a lot of heat as for intel they are more stable in high temp my P3 1ghz usually reaches at 55c and still works fine as for the other components only graphic card generates a lot of heat but only if you overclock the poor thing no other component like ram genarates a lot of heat so my advice to you is to get a PIII or P4 with a good cooler and a large casing with three or four fan option.good luck.

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  2. Well, currently, both the P4 and the Athlon put out about the same amount of heat in order to get the same amount of work done--that is, a great deal of heat. I'd consider it a problem running any components, Intel or AMD, in the conditions you describe...

    You might be best off going with a P3, possibly a P3 Tualatin if you can get one.


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  3. P3 Tualatin sounds like very good advice, Intel systems I believe does better in high temperture enviroments. I guess I could run a test to simulate your conditions since I live in Florida where humidity is 100% alot of the time. I am pretty confident my system would hang in there at what you discribe. I've tested it at 29c and my max cpu temp at 100%cpu load 20 min was 45c. Closed case, no intake or exhaust fans. I just exhaust the heat from my cpu via a special designed port directing the fan discharged hot air outside the case. Here is link for thread discribing my setup. It cost me $5.95 of supplies and about 1 hour of labor.

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