1.4 Athlon running at 65C CASE OPEN + 5 FANS!!!!

I recently got an upgrade to my pc which previously was a PIII733 on ASUS P3C2000.
Now I have an Athlon 1.4 GhZ running on ASUS A7A266. When I got it it instantly started to overheat. When it reaches 70C it cuts out. Now its running at 64C I I got:

3 small fans top front
1 big fan bottom front
1 cooler (one of those that fits into a card slot)
1 PWR fan also at the bottom where the processor is
and the fan on the heatsink.

Now that's a lot of fans!

I suspect that my CPU heatsink and fan are insufficent. I have a CoolerMaster EP5-6I11. (my local retailer said that was an AMD approved CPU cooler)

I am sure I installed everything correctly as stated in the instructions.

I have read some of the post where people had hot 1.3 GhZ AMD's and I am thinking about getting a better CPU Heatsing & FAn but I am afraid to chip the processor while removing the current one. And I dont know what the best fan is for such processor.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Your cooler is indeed undersized. But you don't really need to even remove it if that makes you nervous. Instead, you may be able to drop the temp by 10C simply by installing a better fan! I have several Evercool fans that produce ~34CFM, which should do the job. While not as powerfull as a Delta, they are only half as loud and half as expensive. And you can replace the fan without removing the cooler, if your skilled with a small screwdriver.

    If you want a better cooler, you could try a Thermaltake VolcanoII, that should give you 5-10C better cooling.

    If you REALLY want some cooling, put an Evercool fan on the VolcanoII! That combo should give you 10-15C over what you have now.

    The Evercool ND-9 cooler is almost the same size as the VolcanoII and includes the powerfull Evercool fan. It might give you the same cooling as the VolcanoII with the Evercool fan simply because it has that fan on a similar sized heatsink.

    You can also buy the VolcanoII with a Delta fan on it, but those fans are very noisy.

    All of these products are available at <A HREF="http://www.nexfan.com" target="_new">http://www.nexfan.com</A>

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    if I get the Swiftech MC462-A Rev .01

    FOR 74 bucks do you reckon it will solve my problem?
  3. Here's what I posted on another thread. It worked for me (also, removing the case side panel all the time).

    I ordered my machine from a company that put it together for me. It is an A7M266 board with the Athlon C 1333. The heatsink was the Taisol (I think it is 7420092, or something like that) with a 60mm Sanyo Denki fan. My temps were 52 idle and 56 load, higher with the side panel on! I removed the heatsink and found that they had used a thermal pad (it looked like a small square of pink putty) and it was thick. I removed this stuff off the heatsink, cleaned the CPU core with alcohol, and replaced it with Arctic Silver II just the way they say to do so on the Arctic website. I also installed a special 80mm to 60mm adaptor which fits on top of my Taisol HS and put a Sunon 3200 rpm fan on top of the adaptor. (43cfm at 32dbm). It is very quiet and moves a lot of air. Now my idle temps are between 45 and 47 and under load (and overclocked to 1450, it rarely reaches 51. I know a lot of people like the Delta fans, but the noise is tremendous. It's not how fast the fan spins, but how much air you can push over the heatsink. The adaptors are found at Plycon.com, but you have to be sure it will work with your heatsink. BTW, the Taisol HS has a copper bottom and is well rated, and it has a great clip mechanism for holding the bulk of the adaptor and larger fan steady.

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  4. okok so it looks like I am gonna have to remove the current coller completely, and put the new one on this time with Arctic Silver II instead of the normal thing. The only thing is that I REALLY dont wana chip this 1.4 GhZ processor wich cost me a fortune. Does any one have any suggestions on ways of removing the damn thing more efficently?
  5. I wouldn't give up on that cooler just yet. It is probably big enough provided you use a bigger fan. And the Swiftech might give you a 20-25C drop, but do you really want to spend more money than you have to on more cooling than you need? I still recommend the Evercool fan on your current cooler.
    To remove your cooler, simply slip a small flathead screwdriver into the hook on the one end of the clip, push down and out away from the cooler, then let it come up on it's own pressure. Easily done.
    If your replacing the thermal compound with Artic Silver, I recommend you buff the bottom of the aluminum cooler smooth with a Scotchbrite pad. This can be worth up to 5C. So a combination of Artic silver on a buffed cooler and the more powerfull fan should give you about a 15-20C improvement.

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  6. Hmm I will try that, the thing is I have had some tough time clipping it on so I think taking it off will be hard. Also do you think the conductor compound (the litle pink stikker) on the back of the heat sink that goes over the processor has melted onto the processor? If so will I have to scrape it off? If I do I am wonderinf how this should be done coz the processor has a lot of frigile tiny particles on the front.

    I diceded I think I will go for one of the coolers on that page you gave me http://www.nexfan.com/29/cat29.htm?213 I know this is a stupid question but do you think that most expensive coller Swiftech MC462-A Rev.1 Socket A (includes Sanyo Denki fan & Arctic Silver II) is the best? Do you think it would cool down the most? Just want to hear your oppinion before I buy it


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  7. arrgghhh I dont think it will fit on my A7A266 MB there isnt enough space around the CPU
  8. looks like there is...
  9. nope here http://www.swiftnets.com/MC462.htm there it says that its not compatible coz the board is too tight :( I think I am gonna have to go for Swiftech MC370 which also has very good comments
  10. ahh yes, you'd have to cut a small corner if you wanted it to fit. The Thermalright SK6 cooler will give you great performance and not cost nearly as much as the mc462. $32 plus shipping @ http://1coolpc.com/thermalright.htm.
  11. oh, but I read that is without the fan.
  12. One thought---

    Be extra careful when removing or attaching the clip. There are circuit board traces underneath on the surface, at least on my A7M266, and if you scrape them.... Some have suggested putting some masking tape on the Mobo just below the clips temporarily to help avoid scratching or worse, actually cutting into the traces!

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  13. i agree that you need a better HSF combination.....also, i guess i'll point out that more fans dont necessarily make it cooler in there. encouraging the flow of air accross the cards and cpu and then out of the case is the goal. too many people just cram as many fans as they can in there and figure they're golden as long as they point at the cpu. wrong....i recently built and amd 1.2 on a asus a7v that runs at 109 degrees f at idle and around 112 under heavy use. this is accomplished by using the stock HSF with a HUGE dual fan 400 watt enlight power supply (very quiet too for those wondering). engineers who study this stuff have determined that this (the power supply vent) is the second most important cooling area in the tower pc. I realize that this is just my opinion based on experience and research, and may or may not be based in reality, but i am amazed at how many serious tech-heads always skimp on the power supply fans strength. in my opinion, the power supply should be thought of as the source of power to the pc but also as a vital source of cooling.


    this is what AMD recommends, as an illustration of what the heck im talking about.

    ignore everything i say
  14. <b>What are you talking about the pink little sticker (you mean tape?).</b> That is there to keep the thermal compound intact for shipping, it is a very bad conductor, you should have removed it and then spread out the thermal compound. Expect a 10-15c increase keeping the tape on. Get rid of the pink tape, reapply HSF and you will probably see you temperture go way down.

    I have a closed case, <b>NO INTAKE, NO EXHAUST FAN</b> (except for the P/S and cpu), damn quiet, and my temperture currently is 23c sys, 38c cpu. Earlier with sys temp of 27c and 100% load today I was seeing 43c, CPU 1.2ghz @ 1.4ghz T-Bird.
  15. Kirka - before you go off the handle with CPU coolers, what is your motherboard temperature?

    From what you describe, you do now have adequate case exhaust fan. The PCI slot coller does very litle, and the PSU fans are to cool the PSU - not the system.

    What is your room temp? If your system/mobo temp is more than 5 degrees over your room temp then your case is not adequately ventilated.

    I'd then work to keep your cpu within a decent range of the case temp.

    Lots of people complain of hot cpus when their mobo is at 40C. The cpu will allways be hotter than that and unless you have extreme solutions you cannot avoid it.

    Look to get get your case within 5 degrees of room temperature, and then cpu within 20 degrees of that. If your room is 30C to start with you are aiming for 35 and 55 and so on....

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  16. why don't you consider the Global Win Cak38 with a full copper core??
    i don't think it'd cost very much more than the MC370...
    but still, it seems the MC370 is a bit better than the Cak38 according to Tom's review, but if i were u, i'd rather get myself a copper HSF

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  17. He probably doesn't need any new HSF since he left the shipping tap on the HSF. I had a friend who do exactly the same thing with almost identicals tempertures except his machine wasn't stable at all. When he removed the tape his temperture went down over 10C plus his machine was stable afterwards.

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