What Car do you drive?

What is your ride? Do you like it? if so, why? (briefly please) :pt1cable:
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  1. I've owned 5 cars in my life, these are them:

    1981 Toyota Celica Supra (nice car!)
    1986 Suzuki Forsa (Tiny, but oh so lovable!)
    1981 BMW 320i (Don't need to say much, it's a bimmer!)
    1991 Suzuki Swift GT (The most fun I've ever had with a car)
    1993 Honda Civic (Tough as nails!)

    Out of all these, if I had to pick, there's no contest. The Swift GT is the best car I've ever owned. It was a little rocket. Stuck like peanut butter to the road, could make emergency maneuvers like no other car I've ever had, used very little fuel and could out-accelerate an Audi A8 (Personal experience, although the A8 had 5 people in it...lol). It's such a shame that Suzuki doesn't make these anymore and it's a double shame that it never really caught on in North America like it did in Australia. I've never been so impressed with a car in my life and if they still made them, I'd never buy anything else. I can't explain just how superior to the Civic of the same year they were in terms of performance, handling and economy but I think that for the North American market, they might have been too small. The SuzukiSport suspension that they had stock was equal to that of aftermarket-modded Civic hatchbacks and with the APEX lowering kit I got from the Netherlands, no Civic could corner like this car. This was not a car aimed at the average driver, just enthusiasts. Suzuki proved this by only offering the automatic transmission in 1989, its first year of production. I HATE automatic transmissions so that's another thing I LOVED about this car. Even though they've been out of production for 17 years, there's still a website active so that people can see just how amazing this car was:

    As far as my favourite car that I've never owned, the 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo tops the list. Any car that can do 180mph with 6-cylinders with no upgrade except a racing chip to remove the limiter and a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds for under 100K while still retaining legendary Toyota quality is tops in my book any day.
  2. 08' Mazda6i(family car)
    97' Ford Probe GT(Mazda powertrain still)

    The Probe is my weekend toy. I'm on my 3rd Probe. First one died of electrical issues that I couldn't figure out after a bad snowstorm hit and fried the wiring in the engine bay. That one was my autocross/drag car that I ran every weekend. Was a fun little car. 2nd one was just a parts car to try to fix the first one. The new Probe is stock with just some cosmetic stuff done to it. Might start getting back into autocross again.

    My Mazda is just to haul the baby around. I am in car clubs with both and go to car shows with both. I actually run a car club, Ohio Probes, that hosts a annual car show in Hocking Hills(state park in central Ohio). The Mazda guys come to that as well.
  3. NONE!

    I've been protesting the oil companies since 1997
    -- by walking, and using public transportation.

    People thought I was really strange, until recently.

    p.s. No, I did not have my DL suspended for DUI. :)

  4. Wish I had your convictions, but I have a family and like to head to the mountains to get a little mud on my truck.
    01 Dodge Durango 4X4. It was pretty banged up when I bought it a year ago, but I only paid $2650. So its good for tree bashing, it runs well and does well offroad.

    Went to Greeley stampede of the 4th but got rained out. Had fun in the mud puddles though!
  5. Mitsubushi Evo VIII FQ300 360+bhp, weekend car, its pretty fast, 185mph+

    Mazda 6 2.0 TDI TS2 Daily Commute (GF) + long distance cruiser

    Peugeot 405 1.6 14yrs old my daily commute, I love this car! very tidy and low milage!

    Nissan Serena 2.0 petrol the workhorse of the family, all dogs and heavy loads, camping and shopping trips..

    Peugeot 406 estate about to be retired, old workhorse of family

    Ford Transit LWB High Top - Works Van fully mobile tyre fitting service!
  6. MRFS said:

    I've been protesting the oil companies since 1997
    -- by walking, and using public transportation.

    People thought I was really strange, until recently.

    p.s. No, I did not have my DL suspended for DUI. :)


    So do you not buy anything packaged in plastic, or made with plastic, or that has plastic parts as this is actually where the vast majority of our oil goes!

    Its like being a vegetarian, but wearing leather shoes and belts, and using products that were tested on animals, and having your photos printed (Gelatine in the Gloss coat and in development) and even eating the red smarties!!

    Where do you pull the line!
  7. jaicool said:
    What is your ride? Do you like it? if so, why? (briefly please) :pt1cable:

    Currently a twelve year old Lexus LS400 - the second one I've owned, the first having been a '91 which I sold last year./ Ilike it because I only had to wait 12 years to save over fifty grand by buying it for £2,300 instead of £53,000 new. OK so the 4 litre V8 only gives me twenty one to the gallon and, by the way, my American friends, one of those costs seven times more than yours - most of my mileage is for work so a large percentage goes through the business.

    These things are so reliable that for the seven years I've owned one, the yearly check-up known here as an MOT (just another tax really) has seen five years go by for the price of the ticket and maintenance costs are surprisingly low.

    Anyone got an update for the version 2.1 SatNav CD?

  8. I'm 14, so my "car" is a BMX bike. :P
  9. from first owned till now

    -1989 Chevy Beretta Gt 3.4Litre 250HP V6 Indy Edition
    -1981 Chevy Camaro Z28 5.7Litre 515HP V8 (350 4-Bolt Modified)
    -1986 Ford Mustang GT Coupe 5.0Litre 600+ HP V8 (305 with 2 Holley 750 CFM Carbs plus other tweaks...)
    -2003 Chevy Cavalier (Have family now, plus gas prices...)

    favorite was Mustang because I did the 1/4 mile in 10.08 seconds with that car, was a bullet on wheels and I got it to 310 Kph (about 190 Mph), was amazing but sucked gas like no one would believe. I sold it and went without a vehicle for about 12 years and then married, kid, family car needed and a car that is getting me 38Mpg right now (830Km a tank of gas, 14.1 gallon tank) so when going to florida by car and needing to go 2500Km drive is when gas milage is important, the mustang got like 350Km on a tank of gas (highway), otherwise it was more like 250Km city driving.
  10. I just bought a Mazda 3 sGT 5 door and I love it! This car made the Car & Driver top 10 cars of 2010 list and now I know why. It handles great and is very fast for an economy car. I went with the Bose 10 speaker stereo which sounds fantastic. I skipped the tech package at the advice of several reviewers I found online, so I didn't get the added interior lights. I purchased a set of blue LED lights online and installed them under the dash and the seats to light the floor. It looks great. This is the best designed and built car I have ever owned.
  11. At home (Texas), we have a '91 four cylinder Camry. At work (Saudi Arabia), I have a company provided 2007 Suburban :(. For a personal car, I have a '91 Land Rover Discovery.
  12. 465 whp turbo 2000 acura integra.
  13. 2001 Chrysler 300m.

    I love it!

    4 door,very roomy,250hp v6,power everything and large trunk!
  14. hi i've had -Vauxhall viva (first car, very funny car meny laughs)
    -Ford cortina Mk5 (first real car, rebilt motor, good cam, off the clock in secons lol) stolen
    -Ford capri mk2 (loud,rusty,mat black, big wheels,chicks loved it, sold it 4 more than I payed for it)
    -Nissan primear 4x4 (one very strong motor and box,stuck to the roads well, tow car for meny years) may she rest in peace
    -Honda crx (crome, lowered, sounds, tints)
    -Honda integra ( can be a quick car, i've had it on the track and there is not much that can tuch it but it's the daily driver so i treat it well, sounds, tints, bla bla, it's a toy and a tool)
  15. 1962 Box Nova Chevy 2 inline 6
    1966 Dodge Van slant 6 stolen
    1970 Chevelle 350ci v8 totaled in accident
    1972 Lincoln Continental 460ci v8
    1969 F100 Ranger 360ci v8 bored to 385ci
    divorce. wife got the F100 and Lincoln
    1972 Chevy 3/4 ton Van 292 inline 6
    1998 Lincoln continental 280hp 4.6l v8 152000 miles now
    1999 F150 SC 5.4l v8 243000 miles now
    These were my personal vehicles not including the wifes cars.
  16. Here's the list of all the cars I've owned since I got my license in 1990-

    ’85 Honda CRX Si
    ’87 Honda Accord LXi 4-door
    ’93 Honda Civic EX 4-door
    ’94 Acura Legend L 4-door ***(see below)
    ’92 Honda Accord EX 4-door
    ’02 Acura RSX Type-S
    *All of them had a 5-speed manual transmission except the RSX, which had a 6-speed manual. Until I bought my Jeep a few months ago, I had never owned a vehicle with an automatic transmission! =)

    *** I was "t-boned" in the '94 Legend by an elderly man running a red light. He hit me with so much force that the roof buckled, the windshield, rear window and sunroof shattered and the passenger side door panel was touching my right arm and leg! The rear view mirror hit me in head, shattered and left most of the glass shards in my scalp/skull...had 32 staples and still have the scar after almost 11 years! I also suffered damage to two discs in my cervical spine which required removal and a spinal fusion eventually. But overall, I was very fortunate! The Legend was a goner, but I give it credit with saving my life that day. :D It was the best car I've ever driven and I still miss it!!! :(

    I currently drive a 2006 Mazda3 s 5-door that I purchased new in December 2005. It's a 5-speed manual (naturally) and just passed the 80,000-mile mark. I'm impressed with how good the car looks (inside and out) and how well it drives despite being more than five years old. It looks and drives as good as it did when it was one year old and had 15k miles on it. I paid it off last month and I plan to keep driving for another five years! :bounce:

    I also have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought barely two months ago. My best friend is the Finance Manager at a Ford dealership and he knew how much I've always loved my parents 1995 Grand Cherokee (which they still own, 220k miles, original powertrain). They got this 2004 model as a trade-in back in October and couldn't manage to sell it even after three months! It was originally priced at $10,995, but I ended up paying only $7200 for it three months later. It was in excellent condition, but had an uncommon mix of features/options that made it a tough sell...but it's exactly how I would've wanted it if I had ordered it brand new back in 2004!

    It is a special edition called the "Freedom Edition" which is based on the run-of-the-mill Laredo model. The Freedom package adds 17" 5-spoke Graphite-painted wheels with upgraded suspension and tires, silver tubular side rails mounted underneath doors (similar to running boards), silver roof rack and front bumper trim. The inside is pretty plain with Dark Graphite cloth sport seats and metallic-looking interior trim in place of fake wood. No automatic climate control, heated seats or leather-covered anything....which is fine with me!

    I fell in love with it at first sight- the graphite wheels and silver bars under the doors look awesome against the dark blue exterior (Patriot Blue). It doesn't have 4WD, which is one reason it didn't find a buyer long before me. But I'm cool with just RWD (no complex 4WD system needing repair down the road). It has two other options that weren't very common on the 2WD Freedom Edition models- the Power Moonroof is one of them and it's nice to have. But the best part is the engine- the vast majority of 2WD models were built with the standard 190hp 4.0L I-6...but mine has the optional 265hp 4.7L High-Output V8! It's good for 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds, which was FAST for an SUV in 2004 and is still plenty quick! :hello:
  17. 2005 GMC Envoy
    1978 Porsche 930 (currently in storage)
  18. jaicool said:
    What is your ride? Do you like it? if so, why? (briefly please) :pt1cable:

    BMW 540i E39 w/ some performance modifications.
  19. We tend to maintain what we have to save on the cost of getting another vehicle. My husband bought this stick shift '86 Toyota MR2 a few months before we met. It still runs great and now we can get an antique automobile license plate for it.
    The '90 Mitsubishi Mighty Max is still going strong. We recently replaced the timing belt, water pump, idle servo controller, and oxygen sensor and it runs great. It has manual shift, too. Both vehicles were brand new when we purchased them.


  20. ...I walk to school. :)
  21. i gotz a 2011 Subaru STI sedan spark silver running stage 2 :)

  22. ^April Fools?...btw porsche is one of my two favorite car manufacturers...ever! PORSCHE=AWESOME.
  23. I have a 91' Ford Mustang LX 5.0 it is pretty quick but i wish it was a 5-speed. For Family cars we have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with the 4.7 it is not the High Output version but as mention above is a very potent engine, 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD basic pickup for towing, 2001 Ford Focus great on gas but i still hate the car, 1972 Pontiac Firebird neat car almost done with it, 1978 Mercedes-Benz SL450 a really nice car we just got done restoring, 1966 Ford Mustang the next project car trying to find a 289 for it it has a 200 I6, 1988 Jaguar XJSC V12 a nice car in great shape incredibly fast when it decides to run right but is a pain in the ASS to work on, 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 stripped and ready to be sent to the race shop for a chrome-moly rollcage and rear sub-frame it is the drag car, 1996 Chevy Camaro it is a POS got it on a "mechanics special" type deal.
  24. I miss my 06 Shinka RX8. But it needed more power. Now I have a 67 Firebird and a 4x4 Frontier Crew.

    MRFS - I wish we had good public transportation. I'd do the same.
  25. Two legs, still can plus a bicycle
  26. 92 skyline rb20det with 49k miles.
  27. In real life, i got a Seat Ibiza SC (spanish brand)
    In my dreams, got a flying DeLorean.
  28. 2001 mercury sable ls premium wagon.she is very dependable on my commutes to work everyday
  29. i like to drive a ford and any car with 200 hp
  30. Ive a 2003 subaru impreza wrx sti Spec C limited
    A 1999 version 5 STI type R
    A 2005 Vauxhall astra 1.9 cdti and lastly...
    (Project car) a 96 Peugeot 306 S16.
  31. A Suzuki Swift. In Black, just jazzed it up with Alloy wheels!
  32. I've had plenty of Hondas in my past, but now I'm in a love/hate relationship with a 2005 Aspen White Subaru Impreza STi!
  33. well, i currently drive my 2000 honda civic si, i enjoy driving it. DECENT gas milage. downside premium only damned high comp. b16 motors. still decent gas milage. never a problem =P

    then what i wish i still had but just recently sold to catch up on debts sadly; my 1998 subaru impreza 2.5rs acadia green, 1994 honda prelude si and lastly my favy 1990 nissan s13 240sx swapped/build sr20det.

    Prelude was the least of my favs blah but was clean as hell and one of the only clean titled si's out there that ive seen. most being rebuilt/salvaged. The 2.5rs was sexy, clean, fun ride enjoyed it in the winter times and hell the thing was rare. Acadia greens only came out in 98 wish i didnt have to sell her. The 240 lots of time and money invested, but like all good things it had to come to an end when I had to relocate back to WA. Oh well the day will come when I get to build another lol.
  34. I am surprised with no pics in this entire thread.

    I retired my 92 Roadmaster wagon in 01 with 210k on it. It was my work car but I actually drove it more when I was off work than I did my LSC. After a few years I really started missing the versatility I had with it and started to look for another. Since the stopped making them in 96 it was not easy to find a decent one with with relatively low miles. I found a decent one last fall and bought it on the spot.

    Contrary to what they look like and you might think with decent shocks and tires they actually handle pretty decent and aren't that slow with the lt1 power plant. The only downside is the fuel mileage which I have been getting around 18 with a best of only 20 which for this car is fairly low, the 18 average isn't gab but the 20 hwy is a good 5 lower than it should be. This winter I will do a major tune-up and hopefully it will solve the problem. My guess is it is on all original 17 year old parts.

  35. Toyota Avanza
  36. 1966 El Camino SS 396-- I've owned since 1991
    2007 VW Jetta
  37. Had a '94 Mazda RX7 FD3S, got married and had a child also got stationed back in the states so now I have

    '07 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

  38. Currently:
    A 2003 Mazda 6S (sepang green)- Like it for the comfortable ride, decent gas mileage, 6 disc in dash CD player, and has been a pretty reliable car.

    Also a 2003 Miata Shinsen Version (Titanium Gray)- So many things to like about this one. Great gas mileage, super fun to drive, easy to toss around any corner like a go cart, has a huge aftermarket if you have money to burn, & is convertible.
  39. 2002 Acura 3.2TL Type S

    I love it.... and I love Acura period. It's comfy as hell, so smooth on the highways, pretty damn fast and sexy lookin. My transmission went 1 month after the 72 month extended warranty expired and the Acura dealership here in Edmonton honored the warranty even though I purchased the car 2nd hand through a 3rd party and it was 1 month out of the warranty.

    I honestly will probably never buy anything other then a Honda again.
  40. Currently own a 1994 Nissan Sentra SE 2 Door. Slow, but extremely reliable. Has 199,xxx miles on it and still going strong as ever.

    My very first car was a 1990 Geo Prizm with 218,xxx miles one it. Also extremely reliable, but being young I didn't think it was "cool". Eww, 4 door :P

    1.6L 4Cyl TwinCam Engine. Gets about 25-27 MPG City. Highest I got was 28 in the city.

  41. Right now I got a '05 CTS, '08 Dodge 4500 with a service body(work truck), '81 280Z (project car). Favorite cars I've owned were '71 Impala, '81 Celica GT, and my '69 VW Van. I won't list all my cars because my 280Z is my 31. I've owned more cars than my age. Biggest regret was not getting a '64 Lincoln Continental 4 door. Damn car had 60k miles on it, leather was perfect and I could have got it for 4k. I was driving a lot for work at the time so I bought a car with good fuel economy, a '96 Sunfire GT. Worst decision ever.
  42. 1993 R33 Nissan Skyline, Rb 25 Engine, Few Tweeks, and Interior add's.

    Good, fast car, loves the wet :)
  43. Infinti m35x awd model it's a winner
    10 speaker Bose stereo rocks
  44. Just traded my CTS for a new Grand Cherokee. It's pretty good, I gotta upgrade the stereo like every car I've owned. I have the head unit, 2 amps, and a JL W6 12" sub. I'm going to do the fibreglass sub box and run all the wires this weekend. I should have the component speakers and the harness kit for the head unit next week for me to finish it. After that I gotta look at a 2" lift and I should be good to go.
  45. I have a 2003 Acura RSX Type S 6-speed manual.. Its black on black (exterior and interior leather and carpet). No fancy spoiler, and no fart cannon muffler for me. I like it because its good on gas mileage and peppy when it needs to be, fun to drive (its my 5th car but my first stick shift). Its reliable and simple to fix when it breaks.

  46. ^And how are you liking stick-shift? Better than automatic?
  47. blackhawk1928 said:
    ^And how are you liking stick-shift? Better than automatic?

    on my pov: definitely better than automatic.
  48. blackhawk1928 said:
    ^And how are you liking stick-shift? Better than automatic?

    I enjoy it alot, it kinda sucks in gridlock of course. But there are many reasons why a manual is superior to an automatic from a mechanical standpoint.

    1. Gas mileage- An automatic basically runs by having a hydraulic pump force liquid (transmission fluid) through a turbine-like device called a torque converter.
    2. Power- About 1/3 of an automatic's horsepower is lost in the transmission. This kinda falls in line with number 1 as well. It takes a lot of power from your engine to make it run that could otherwise be going to your wheels.
    3. Manual transmissions are generally more durable and cheaper to fix when they actually do break.
  49. Well I know all of those points, but what about the fun factor?

    Oh and BTW, you may not like traffic at first but eventually you will get used to it and you won't care. Eventually you get so good with feathering out your clutch that moving forward a few inches in traffic constantly becomes extremely easy.
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