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I'm looking to make a career switch. I have a assoc. Degree in horticulture right now. I work for a tree company as an Arborist. I'm 29 years old. I've always been a hobbiest in the computer world. Many years ago I started taking a mcse course. Then decided I didn't want to work inside in cubicles. Regretting that now. Anyone here go/went to ITT Tech or ECPI? More expensive then regular college but faster graduation? Would you go to get a degree or just take some certifications to enter the industry. I'm looking to get into network security. Linux certification would be something I'm persuing. Maybe some mac certification as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.
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  1. Make sure it's an ABET accredited degree program as some like schools such as ITT Tech do a great job of marketing but their programs lack accreditation.
  2. Will do. I've seen alot of people say they aren't accredited. ITT Tech says they are accredited, but not sure all other colleges actually except the accredidation. So if one was to transfer, classes might not count. I think local community college is where I'll start. 100 dollars per credit hour verse ITT Techs 400 some dollar per credit hour.

    Plus I've been reading alot if bad reviews about places like ITT and ECPI.
  3. It is always wise to explore what type of <a href="">career change</a> you want to change to. Why? All careers have pros and cons and I know personally at age 54, I wasted too many years job hopping. Now it has come back to bite me as I have a very long resume. Job hopping causes employers to ask - will this person stick around after my company has trained them?
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