Win2k Disk Mgmt Tool won't let me partition new dr

I just installed a new 20Gb IDE Maxtor as a second drive and I want to partition it. However, when when I right click on the partition the Disk Management tool doesn't not bring up a "Create Partition" or an equivalent so that I can partition that new drive.

The first thing that I did was use FDISK to format the drive as NTFS (the drive shows up as F:) then went into windows to format it (took the defaults). That is, once I was inside windows the drive show up in explorer but when I clicked on the drive, the OS stated that it wasn't formatted and offered to format it for me. That's what I did. Any ideas?

I'm logged in as Admin (w/admin rights of course) and I'm connected to a home network -actually an IDSN Lan Modem Hub.

Could somebody tell me just what the heck is going on without Partition Magic being a suggested solution? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Use Disk management tool just like your doing. But, on the right side, first right click on the drive you want to modify and select Disable logical drive! Then your home free and you'll be able to do anything you want. Then you can even right click on the blue picture of the drive below and do just about anything.

    Its a piece a cake after ya Disable the drive!!!
    You'lll get it then...
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