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I have 2 NVIDIA 275 GTX graphics cards each with 1792MB of video memory. I want to turn one of them into a capture card. Say I am playing Crysis. I run it at max settings and get 40-45 fps when my cards are in SLI and 35 fps when they are not. I use Fraps to capture a video of the screen and the fps drops to 2-7 fps even when in SLI mode. If I designate one of them as a capture card, I would expect being able to capture at 35 fps, though I have no idea how to do this. Do I need to download a different screen capturing program? If so, where do I find a free one?

2 NVIDIA 275 GTX 1792MB
Core 2 Duo 6MB 3.16GHz
128 GB SSD
8 GB DDR2 RAM Cas Latency: 4, Timing 4-4-4-12, 800MHz
OS: WIndows 7 Release Candidate

Thanks guys.
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  1. Your framerates drop because CPU and HDD have extra load to deal with when recording
  2. try modestly OCing your cpu and if that helps buy a good cooler and go for broke
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    its hd mostly and cpu yah, fraps record raw video data small videos (2 mins) end up being 1-2 gigs

    And tbh i dont think its possible just checked it my self couldnt find anything but then again not running any kind of dual gpu setup altho i doubt it would show me any features anyways
  4. the problem is the cpu, get a quad, disk is unlikely
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